Making my dreams come true! 😊

Greatings... Hi I am new here and I am looking forward to meet new friends in Greece since I am heading in July. I am going to learn the language since languages are my passion amon other things.
I am coming from Trinidad and Tobago located in the west indies. I am Venezuelan.
I am so exited about my new experience.
Can't wait to be there... 😊

Hi Vanessa m Garcia,

Your topic has been moved to  the Athens anglophone forum.

Thank you,

Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi Vanessa!I m Vicky and just joined you still looking for friends and intrested about learning the greek languagen i m here..i am a greek who's looking for new friends..

where are you off to in greece? its not a big place but also you cant call it small

Hi Vanessa
Hope your dreams is now true..!  Enjoy the life in Greece and live  the Myth that this land offer.
Many kisses from your first Greek friend !!!

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