how is school for kids that do not know norwegian?

I have questions about schooling in Norway, my son is 7 years old and for the time we get there, he will be between 8 to 9, but he do not know the language, and a private school for international kids its not an option now....does anyone know or have experienced this process with children? public schools? or they can start class as normal?   Thanks in advance for any help  :)

Where in Norway are you going? Im interested to see if anyone will reply to you as I too have a 7 year old boy and we will be moving to Kristiansand in july.

Hello hello! Well im going to oslo or close :)

When u get to Norway wherever u going go their community hall or they call it kommune what you wanting. As I know they have to start in a transcession school , they learn the Norsk as well as the Maths. The quicker they learn the quicker they will go to the proper school or normal school. They get medically check as well if everything seems fine they can start in a week.

I have 2 children who moved here 8 months ago. Neither knew any Norwegian before they came, they both go to the local Norwegian school. They get extra Norwegian lessons 3 times per week during the school day. They are aged 10 and 11.
Mixing with the local children is an advantage and it works both ways, my children help their friends with English and their friends help them with any Norwegian concerns.
They both think the school is much better than their old school in England.
We live in Nordland county so it may differ in other areas. If your children don't speak English then you you may have more problems than we have.

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