Westlands 2-Bedroom Apartments

Jumbo, which is the best area in westlands so that me and my young daughter won't be bored while my husband is out for work.. it is our first time living abroad and relocating.. And what is the costs of the housing there in Westlands please...

Asante Sana

Please bear in mind that 2 bedroom apartments are very much in demand and the prices can therefore be relatively higher.

I have pasted a couple of websites below, for information, including prices.  I recommend that  either you, or your husband go and view the properties.  Bargaining is the norm here, so be prepared to negotiate the price down a bit - its certainly worth trying:

http://www.property24.co.ke/property-to … er=Quality

http://www.villacarekenya.com/search-pr … ullscreen=

https://www.olx.co.ke/real-estate/house … t/nairobi/

For your information, the Swahili greeting is Jambo, not Jumbo!

Oppsy! Jambo... Thank you for the useful websites...

There are plenty of them along raphta road at a reasonable price. Two bedrooms around 60k. I suggest you just stroll there and check. There are a  lot of to let signs

Hujambokanji:  I don't think that Nori_A is actually in Kenya yet.

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