Doing repairs around the home

I want to paint the interior of my house and do some repairs to cracked plaster / tiles

I have been told that I need a permit to do this even though I will not be changing the house structure or outside appearance
Is this true, if so anyone know where I obtain this permit and how much does it cost

In the UK this type of maintenance would be encouraged not discouraged by these charges

that isnt true,doing repair doesnt necessarily  require you to obtain a permit to do  that unlike setting up a construction

I agree!  Who told you that?  Of course, if the property is rented, then you would need to ask landlords permission.  However, if you own it, there is nothing stopping you from getting on with it. 

Even if you were making some structural changes, I doubt you would have to ask permission - this isn't the UK and planning laws are not nearly as strict.

Hey, Am a concerned friend, My wife works at the county government as a senior auditor and she told me that somebody somewhere is trying to take the advantage.Shun them off!

No need for permit.

Hi. There is no need to get a permit if its just a few walls etc. But you do need to get one for comprehensive interior works and alterations. Your contractor for that would advice you accordingly and the permit is not more than a few thousand shillings. however, when its a DIY (a few walls) situation its not subject to permits.

Not true.u only Ned to tal to your landlord if it's rented and assure him when moving out you fix it back the way you found it if he does not like the design you put.

i might know someone who does the repairs and you dont need a permit for that only permission from your land lord

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