looking for a luxury house or appartment in Kisumu

Dear all

I will be moving to kisumu soon and my children will be attending Braeburn Int School.

I have done a search on the net but could not find a place of my taste to let .  I am looking for a good standard house or apprtment either near Braeburn or in town.

Pls help me koz i don't know the place at all.



Hi Kisumu isn't a popular town so most real estate agents don't advertise properties, if you have a friend in Kenya they might go check out the place for you. There are safe neighborhood such as kilimani in kisumu where you'll definitely enjoy your stay.


Thank u so much for your reply.

One more question if possible is Braeburn found in Kilimani?

Hi,  There are a few properties on the following site:


The choice of properties is not that great, so you may have to settle for something less that your ideal, for an initial 6 months, then once you are in the area, look for something more to your taste.

The Braeburn school is not in the Kilimani area.  But neither is it far.  Look them both up on Google Maps to give you some idea.

Thks a lot.


Breuburn is in Milimani, there are good houses in Milimani, Lolwe, Polyview, mountain view. once you are in Kisumu you will surely get depending on the range of your budget.

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