Job Offer - Seeking info about Quality and Cost of Living


My name is Andres and I am a Citizen of Canada wanting to know a few things about the DR before I make my move in May.

I have been given a job opportunity at a sports complex in Bavaro DR from a family friend. I have been offered a 4 digit monthly salary in $USD plus incentives (commision) on top of my salary.. I will also have home to live in and a car to drive. I wanted to know a little bit about the area.

How is the health care (hospitals, clinics) quality of life, grocery costs for 1 person per month, car insurance and safety? I am going to be teaching and coaching a sport called Padel, which is relatively new in the Caribbean but on a world scale, growing immensely. I will be living on the Cocotal Golf & Country Club and working in the White Sands complex nearby, with the possibility of working in Santo Domingo. 

If there is any Canadians or Americans that have lived here for a while that could offer me some advice as to what to expect? I would appreciate it very much!

Thanks! :D

Welcome to the forums!!!

First read read read, lots of info on the forums.

You absolutely want to have private medical insurance, it's not expensive.  You do not want to use public hospitals.

Quality of life depends on having disposable income. Simple. Groceries etc are so hard to guess. I have no idea how you like to eat.  It will not be cheap in that area. 

Cocotal is a very nice area, good standard of living there. Gas is expensive! US 4 a gallon or so. Rum is cheap! Lol

Thank you very much for your prompt response. I have been doing lots of reading and have gathered some valuable information. I'm glad the rum is cheap! Haha 😅

Hello Andres Stamile

I invite you to check out this thread Cost of living in Dominican Republic – 2015 to have an idea of living expense in DR while waiting for members to revert back with additional informations.


Let me add my welcome.  Yes read and then read some more.  Adaptability will be your best friend.  Thins here run differently and if you can adapt and not expect things to "be like home" you should do fine.

We find that by buying local products (groceries) and purchasing veggies and such off of the trucks and small stands our food costs are about 40% less than in the US.

Overall our cost of living is about 40% less as well.

Again welcome

Bob K

Thanks Bob! Appreciate your response.

You are welcome.  Read and keep the questions coming :)

Bob K

Make sure your car has FULL coverage from a good company. I have Mapfre and they have done well for me.

On that note -  I agree - full coverage but the vehicle has to be less then 10 years old. I will NOT recommend my  company, Monumental.  Their service sucks!!! But they want their premium  before they even bill you!   I will be changing companies....

Thank you Mr. Smith! I appreciate the info.

Wow!! Congratulations!! That sounds amazing!!

Have a great time in the D.R.!!

Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to this opportunity! :D

Keep us posted on your experience and ask any questions as you go along!

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