Where to buy diatomaceous earth in HCMC anyone?

(diatomaceous earth) Does anyone know where i can find this stuff in hcmc?  I know its possible to find it in farming supply stores.  Im looking for food grade.  If anyone has any idea, please let me know.. I used it before to kill off bed bugs back home... Works great :)

Thanks in advance.

I don;t know it it would be called food grade, but have you considered the places that sell tropical fish supplies?

Just curious if you've had any luck finding diatomaceous earth? Thanks!

are you using it for filtering? if so its used in swimming pool filters

I thought this would be a hard item to dig up :lol: , but it's wasn't!

Here's the Google results:

diatomaceous earth tphcm

There are vendors in the results, but I'm going to make you sift :lol: through them yourself...

Hi Mr. Beyondthesee, wondering whether you manage to find this Diatomaceous earth product already? Thanks!

Did you ever have any luck with this. I've heard It's out there but no idea. I'd just love to use all natural products to get rid of whatever is eating me in the night
Any luck with baking soda even?
Thanks a bunch

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