Camera shops in ho chi minh city

Hi everyone. I want to buy some camera equipments.. Can anyone recommend me some good shops in ho chi minh city which i can buy good stuff (either brand new or second hand) for a cheap price..

My feeling may steer me wrong on this matter, but I don't feel comfortable buying camera lenses in Vietnam.  I've had a Nikon 70-300 ED IF VR on my wish list for 2+ years now but can't see myself buying it here.  Should've bought it in Singapore last year but it slipped my mind then.  I'm hoping to buy it in Australia next month, if budget allows.

Ahh... Thank you for your concern.. But i saw in another blog which says vong duc street in Hanoi has good stuff and price is reasonable. But im not in hanoi and i want a place to buy in ho chi minh city.. My bad luck 😔

You can try Nguyen Kim, where you can find some kit products;
if you're purchasing higher end products you may try to explore around No.107~200 Tran Hung Dao, I had personally bought my 5D4 in Vinh Hung and is quite satisfied.

Nguyen Kim is good in concept but very poor in reality.  Salesstaff has very little, if any, knowledge of the products they carry, and selections are extremely limited.

They didn't understand when I asked about ball heads, even after I described and explained in details in Vietnamese.  They didn't have any specs on the products on display (which should've come from the makers).  Out of the 3 Nguyen Kim stores I've visited, not one person understood cameras.

Ya agree, but Nguyen Kim is basically a 3C Carrefour so don't blame them too much, lol

Oops literally i guess its not good to shop camera equipments in vietnam..