planning to live in Australia by the end of this year- How?

Hi All,
I am Mohammed, living in Qatar and working as an engineer, and planning to live in Australia by the end of this year, I have a valid Visa,I was wondering  from where shall I start, especially finding a job, and settle down, any advice what shall I do in following months before i came

Hello Mohammed

I invite you to read the Australie Expat Guide for a start as well as browse the Australia forum to gather some infos.

Concerning your job, you may drop an advert in the Jobs offers in Australia section of the site.

Contacts of Recruitment Agencies in Australia  in our Australia Business Directory may be helpful too.

Wish you all the best in your expatriation project.


thanks Kenjee

how are you I am living in Saudi Arabia and planning to move to OZ next August,still didn't get my visa.can you share with us your visa experience?how long did take? when a CO was assigned for your application? and so on? thanks in advance

hi, abdelaal
it take almost 1 year to get may visa, i didn't do it my self, i hired a lawyer

What type of visa you have ?

Perhaps you are already here by now

Hello Tararela,

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Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to create a new thread on the Australia forum;)


Cheryl team.

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