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Me, Martin 32 (33 in May), Giulia wife 34 (35 in March)
2 Children - Laura 5 (6 in July) and Mavie 4 (Feb)
We've a newborn on the way our third and final child, baby Luca is due in two weeks time :-)

We live in a well maintained 2 bedroom apartment EUR, Rome 00144 in a residential area.
We are a bilingual family, I am British from Birmingham, I left the UK some 12 years ago.  Giulia is from Rome. We've been together since 2007 and we have been travelling and living in multiple places since we met. We met in Paris, moved to Australia, Rome and then we have just returned from 4 years in Guernsey.

Giulia is a child and adolescent clinical psychologist and I am an airline pilot.  The choice to move back to Rome was a purely family driven decision.  In a nutshell there is no work for Giulia in Italy, its a very difficult country to make ends meat.  She is currently trying to open a private practice in Rome to provide clinical psychology to English speaking children. 
I on the other hand I have a very unique job. I work for a family on a private aircraft, I follow the aircraft around the world for three weeks and then come back home three weeks where I am off duty. 

Giulia isnt actively working and her mission is to bring the kids up and work part time as a clinical psychologist in a private practice in Rome.  She is not planning on going back to work full time yet.  She wants to enjoy the children.

Our two girls go to a bilingual school in EUR.  They are at school from 08:15 until 15:30 Monday to Friday. 

Laura and Mavie love the Cinema, outdoors -playing in the park or on scooters, they enjoy painting, colouring, drawing and puzzles.  Laura is very gifted in Art.  The kids play together in English or Italian depending on there mood and setting. 

The house is predominantly English speaking to help maintain the level and accent spoken and learnt by the girls already. Would be a real shame to let it slip.

We enjoy holidays, we dont get away enough but we do try.....always difficult with a large family.  Giulia and I love socialising, we are easy going, friendly, we like to spend as much time outdoors as possible.


We are looking for an individual that is highly motivated, self assured, reliable, use of initiative, common sense, wanting to integrate into the family and enjoy the time with us.  We are looking for a longterm candidate someone who is willing to stay with us for many years.

Hours: be defined as we are not sure about the requirements with the newborn. For sure it will not surpass 40 hr average.  We would expect you to work a bit more when im away and then work less when im home so you average out at 40hrs a week.
Some evening baby sitting will be required from time to time but it will be built into your schedule rather than extra hrs.

Flexibility to take paid holiday when im off duty rather than when im on duty.  I have lots of blocks of three weeks all year round so there is plenty time for you to take time off.

We require that the house is kept in order, cooking and looking after the children.  Using your skills and know how to execute everything in a timely and efficient manner.

If your comfortable to drive then perhaps school pickup or drop off's would be required along with some food shopping from time to time.

Living Arrangement

You would be given a room with an ensuite bathroom in Giulia's mothers house.  She lives there alone and she is about to retire.   The apartment is beneath ours so you will get a good sense of autonomy and detachment from us when you have free time.


Salary: To be discussed according to the length of assignment. 
20 days holiday paid
Food and Accommodation provided (removes a huge expense of living out)
Expect to work a 5 day week with Saturday and Sunday off as a rule. Occasional help maybe needed on the weekend but you will be given a Friday or Monday off to substitue
Taking care of housework in Giulia's mothers apartment once a week as extra salary for you approx 4 hrs a week.

Start Date


We are a caring family and will take care of you, we need someone who is willing to fully integrate, get on with it and give us piece of mind that our children are 100% safe with you if I or both of us are away for work for whatever reason.   We really would like  a British person as there is already a common cultural understanding and to help my kids progress in English while im not at home.

We would be looking to increase your salary according to your performance as we want you to feel appreciated and I understand your own needs and commitments.

I would be grateful if you could give me an idea of your experience with children, what you have been doing all these years.  How long have you been in Italy and how long do you intend to stay.  What you are doing now, are you genuinely interested etc.... 

We are not rich, we are just simply in need of backup, unfortunately Giulia's family dont help us out much at all and we are pretty much left on our own to deal with all the problems with the children.  Ironically we moved to Rome because we felt so isolated in Guernsey and we had no help whatsoever apart from the help of our au pair who stayed with us for 3 years before we left.  She was Italian and obviously she had no intention of returning to Italy with us.  She was in Guernsey for the English.

If someone is interested or knows someone please do get in touch.

Hi Martin,

thanks for this long message. I invite you to read our Italy expat guide and then post an ad in our jobs in Italy section

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Hi Sir,
I just read your post in and Im from Philippines and I have more than 10 years experience as a eu pair/nanny.In different country like Lebanon , Singapore and now im recently working in Malaysia.I was looking Job as a nanny or eupair in your country if i have apportunity if you can help me to go over im willing to back your expenses if you can help me to work with you if you gave me a chance .
Thank you

Hi everyone,

@ Issa2016, i invite you to drop an advert along with your cv in the Jobs in Rome section of the website so that if any member is looking for someone having the same working experience as yours may contact you easily.

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Good day ,

Sir ,  I am Jane and i live in Philippines i really interested to work in your good company .  Hope you can give me a chance to work and to prove myself that i have the motivation and dedication to work with your family .  I really love kids and that will not make hard for me i have already a Housekeeping  Certification in NC II .  Hope you can find me interesting about this job offer you can trust me because i am a good person . 

Thanks and Regards , 


I have done the nanay job for 3years  in kuwait and now deciding to move move to Italy..I will be in Italia in July, after completing my college I studied pharmacy as a course I only worked with it for few months before I travelled to Kuwait which I started with babysitting out of the love of children... If vacancy still prevails in July pls kindly let me know.....thanks...any am a Ghanaian...

I'm mesi. I'm 24 years old. I'm from Ethiopia but I live in Romania. I have experience and I was teacher in Ethiopia I can play with kid I can song for kid, I can read book for kid, I can teach alphabet and words with songs and different method.and i have a kid so o know how I tack care of the kid. I like very much kid
I can tack care of house I don't smoke
If you choose me I hope we creat good family


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Most Italian families are quite content when they hire Filipinas; they are very good with children.

hello good day maam/sir,

i am mariel delos reyes 24 years of age from philippines  single i am interested to apply  as nanny ..i have a experience in taking care of children and cleaning the house ...i am looking forward for an interview with you maam /sir ..thankyou

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