Do Italians hire non-EU citizens at all?

Hi :)
So, I have been here in Napoli for 1 year now, and, omg, it really is impossible to find a job here! No matter how good English or good Italian I speak (yes, even if I speak Italian), no matter how flexible, versatile or intelligent I am, it really seems to be all worthless!

I just need to assess the situation in a realistic way. I am dentist and freelance translator (sounds like an odd "career couple", i know). I have settled all my legal documents, including registering in the "Dental Council" here (l'ordine dei medici e degli odontoiatri)...but there is still something that I don't understand.

Alright, everybody here in Napoli  actually admits it's dauntingly difficult to get hired here...
So, my question to all up-north Italians around here: is it the same in the North?
Do foreign dentists ever get hired?
What if I am a dentist, but I would simply just like to do something else, is the field of study absolutely crucial to get hired somewhere?

Opinions and experiences will be much appreciated.
Grazie in anticipio!

For sure, I come from China, work in Turin.