Tax on my salary

Hello. I am considering taking a job which will pay 2000 Euros per month before tax.

I would like to know how much (roughly) I will have left after tax and other standard deductions.

Also, I would like to know if the amount I will be left with will be sufficient to live comfortably on. I realize that everyone has their own personal view on what "comfortable" means but any ideas at all would be helpful.



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In Rome your biggest expense is going to be accommodation. A bedroom in a shared house is going to set you back at least 500 a month. After tax on your salary this isn't going to leave much. As a rough estimate I'd say you'd pay about 25% in tax on that.

Hi James,

I agree with ICAL TEFL regarding your expenses.  A bedroom in a shared apartment will be about 500/month plus utilities.  And that's assuming that you live in one of the more affordable areas.

But the more difficult question is regarding taxes.  Italy is notorious for having some of the highest taxes in Europe.  BUT, depending on your contract (and your nationality) you might be eligible to pay taxes in your own country instead of Italy.  Indeed, many TEFL schools in Rome prefer this arrangement.  It saves them a few headaches...not to mention the taxes that THEY would also have to pay on your behalf.

Now, this sort of treads a gray area of the tax laws and I'm certainly no expert on the topic.  But just make sure that you're clear on your tax liability before you start working for a school in Rome.

So back to your original question: if you are receiving 2,000 Euros a month, than that should be more than enough to cover your expenses.  However, your tax liability could be as high as 40-45%, and that would certainly make life tougher on you.

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