Working as a UK qualified counsellor/psychotherapist in Italy


I am a qualifed and experienced psychotherapist with a post graduate diploma in existential psychotherapy and counselling.  I am a member of the BACP.  We are moving to Rome next summer and I am concerned about keeping my online private practice running.  Will there be barriers to this?  I know that I cannot legally call myself a psychotherapist if based in Italy?  Can someone advise me?

I do not want my years of training and experience to go to waste because I will be unable to work in Rome.

Any advice or information that anyone can give me will be really helpful.

Thank you



Dear Julie,

this is the official “psychologist order” webpage of Lazio area:

there you can find this link: … amp;flag=P

here you can find all the information about the request you must do in order to use your UK psychologist title in Italy!

hope the best for your new experience!


Hi 👋

I'm a UK trained and registered clinical psychologist. I'm due to move to Italy, Naples this summer for my husbands job. My plan is to work privately online with my current uk based clients. I have insurance that allows me to continue this work though I want to make sure I am able to continue this work in Naples?

I have seen the above the links but wondered if this relates to UK clinical psychologists moving to Naples?

I have seen I can register with Euro Psy - though does not allow me to be licensed in Italy. Do I need to be if only working with UK clients?

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I wondered how you got on? I'm looking to do similar. I'm a hcpc registered UK clinical psychologist and hoping to continue to work remotely with uk based clients.

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@Marco Brownie

Thank you for your reply Marco, which I have just seen.



Hello Rhian

I am not a Clinical Psychologist, but a psychotherapist, without a degree in psychology.  We may, therefore, be in different situations.

I am interested in the fact that you say you have insurance that will cover you?  My main concern is insurance, so that I can continue to work with my online practice once I arrive in Italy.  My understanding is that my current insurance will not be valid, and I won't be able to get my insurance in Italy until I get a work permit?  So will have to wait 3 months for that?  I automatically get a residence permit because my partner is Italian and we have children together, but the work permit is not automatic.

Sorry for the late response, I just saw your response now.

Best regards


HI Julie,

Did you ever work this out. I am in exactly the same situation. I have a full practice in the UK but I am getting married to an Italian and moving to Italy. Is there any way to continue my practice from Italy?