Travelling overland (bus) from Sao Paulo to Lima (Peru)

OK guys, I am permanent resident in Brazil and also have a British Passport.  While in Sao Paulo bus station a little while back, I saw one of the bus companies Groupo Ormeno providing a service from Tiete, Sao Paulo to Lima, Peru.  I did not have time to enquire about the timetables and prices etc. Searches elsewhere on the internet indicate that the trip is around about 96 hours.

Now, I know that this would be a lot easier and quicker to fly such a route, but the crazy person in me thinks that it could be quite an experience to make this journey by bus.  The company website it terrible and I cannot see prices or schedules.

Have any of you guys made this trip or know anyone who can advise on the approximate price and frequency of the service?

Thanks in advance. … e-pacific/

Link above has lots of photos.

It doesn't appear that the São Paulo / Lima is with any of the regularly scheduled interstate bus companies, so there is nothing at all available throught the online search engine

The trip would involve numerous rest stops and it probably would be quite exciting. Doesn't sound like such a crazy idea to me. I bet that the trip through the Andes would be absolutely breathtaking.

Just as a side note, since you are a PR of Brazil you do not require your passport or a visa in order to enter the country, just your Cédula de Identidade Estrangeiro. That said, I would recommend that you never travel without your passport just in case you run into some problem and require Consular assistance in any other South American country.

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What is the longest time you have spent making a bus trip?

I once made a bus trip from Macae to Salvador.   I did it only ONE time.  I still remember waking up from one of the times I was sleeping.  I looked out the window and saw a very big cliff that the bus was driving on.  I tried  to go back to sleep and I prayed that when the bus went over that big cliff, that a big rock would hit my head and I would have a quick passage.

Lesson learned.  Never again for me.

I hope you have fun!!!!!

Longest trip I ever made by bus was from Hamilton, Ontario to Winnipeg, Manitoba. That was a 1,340.74 mi     (2,157.71 km) trip.

Hi there, unfortunately there is no company who does the route São Paulo to Lima, but in january the Peruvian company "Expresso Internacional Ormeño S.A." started to work with a route to connect Rio de Janeiro to some cities in Peru - Ica, Nazca, Abancay, Cuzco, Puerto Maldonado and Iñapari. This route during about five days.

I took the Ormeño bus from Lima to Rio last month. Here's a write up.