Hidden costs when travelling to Bahrain

Hi all. Anyone who had travelled Emirates with a stop over in Dubai then to Bahrain? I want to know what hidden costs I have to be aware of. Already my sponsor says that there will be costs involved at immigration! I'm concerned as my budget is tight.

Any other advice you wou like to add to my first time travels, please do. I'm a little bit nervous as I'm taking this awesome adventure on my own.

Looking forward to eventually meeting you all.


Ah,  this is my favourite part :D
Stopovers :D

How long is your stopover?
Few hours? 
More than 8 hours?

Airlines usually accommodate passengers who are on long haul flights and those having long stopovers.
If there's no connecting flight in the span of 8 hours you're entitled to get free visa & hotel vouchers and transportation provided by the airline.

These things are mostly free and unknown to many passengers and you're provided these services only when you ask :P

Anyways tell me your flight details.  When you're departing and how much is the transit time at DXB.
Then I'll give a better answer.

P.S: I've deliberately chosen long stopover flights whenver I fly and I must say,  it's an amazing experience 😄 You get to be a guest in a new country for free ;)

Stopover in Dubai is only 3 hours

Then you can't go out in such short time.
Just stay at the transit area.

Even if you go out you won't have much time to catch your next flight.

3 hours lay over? Good to have a credit card in your pocket for food, drinks and shopping.


I had no extra costs coming into the country since my work visa was all done.  If there are immigration costs, that is something I would expect your employer to handle.

You should not have any hidden costs at your stopover at Dubai since you don't even have to go through immigration as you are on transit (unless your sponsor booked two separate tickets in which case you will have to collect luggage, clear immigration and get back into the departures area!).

The only cost that you should have arriving in Bahrain is the visa (25 BHD for tourist visa)   but as relwell mentioned your employer/sponsor should have that cost covered (maybe something you should clarify with them).

Make sure you are on the same airline and its tickets that way.  Also they should have already processed your visa so it should be no coat unless they are bringing u over on a visit visa. Then it is 75 USD ON ARRIVAL.  TAXI into town is 60 USD BUT ur company should provide a meet and greet. Do u know if u have a visa already. Did u do a medical in ur country ??

Down under diva :

MTAXI into town is 60 USD

er... the bus, which is absolutely fine and (if you take an A2) will be only marginally slower, is about 100 times cheaper than that at 66c or 250 fils.

I'd go on the bus. The A2 runs every 15 mins.

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