Looking for English speaking friends

I'm Tina and studying English in Australia and going back to Korea next month. I'm looking for friends who can speak English.
I like music,movies,sports and shopping. Anyone who is interested in Korean culture or language, e-mail me. :)

Welcome to the forum Tina Kim :)

You can also try the South Korea Expat Network page for friendship and networking. I wish you all the best, and hope you will make lot contacts via this site.

Best Regards

i am a single boy who speak also english i am willing to become your best friend.your regardness in this matter will be appreciate. how is live in australia

i am willing to visite south korea who can help me to share accomadation with me

Hello Tina
안녕하세요 ;) 잘 지냈어요 ?

Would you like a friend living in Korea or it can be someone from somewhere else ??
Always interrest to make friends in korea and improve my korean, can correspond with you in english even i'm not perfect...
but maybe looking for a native ???
can you be more specific ?? :)

I will arrive in Seoul in February;playing piano in a 5 star hotel.
4 months
Lets stay in touch

hello tina, im pilipina woman..i want to be friend w/ you...if you would like......

So what area of Korea are you going to live?

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