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Hi Everybody,

i am saim chaudhary from Brazil,i am pakistani national and living in Brazil.i have married with

Brazilian girl and got permanent residency.i received my permanency 14 months ago.Now i want to

apply Brazilian citizenship,because i came to know if a foreigner has permanent residency of Brazil

throughout marriage then after 1 year receiving residency eligible Nationality (on the behalf of

marriage in Brazil)

i visited policia federal office and asked about requirements,they gave me a paper which is

explaining all to all requirements to be naturalized,in that requirements had written that i also need

to pass portugese language test,when i asked policia federal officials about the structure of this test

they did not give reasonable answer.

is there any person on this forum who could provide detailed information about this test?what is the

structure of this test?what kind of questions may be asked by policia federal?how many % marks

required to pass this test?what is the time duration to face this test???

please share maximum experiences with me regarding to my inquiry...........

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It all depends on where you actually are applying for naturalization. Most require that you've passed the CELPE-Bras test that is administered through the Ministry of Education, others will apply their own test of Portuguese. Since you didn't get a clear answer from the Federal Police where you went, it is quite likely they're one that requires the CELPE-Bras. Check Google for CELPE-Bras tests in your area.

James Experts Team

Dear James,

i already told you that i have visited policia federal office.They said that my language test will be held

in their policia federal office.But they did not tell me that what will be structure of this test?how many

% marks required to pass this test?and how much standard time to face this test?

James i am living here in santa catarina state SC and here nearest policia federal office is situated

in Chapeco.

I have absolutely no idea what the test that the Federal Police will give you on their own will be like. Many DPF delegacies will ask for the CELPE-Bras certificate, so maybe they will give you a test similar to that one. You will probably listen to an audio, be given a task of writing something about the audio, and there will also be a reading task. Check Google for "CELPE-Bras simulado" to get some ideas.

James Experts Team

I found some information, hope this will help you.

Hint by Mr James (CELPE-Bras) & Thanks to him

thanks,i will check on internet

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