Cost of living in Germany for a family with one kid.


My self I am srikanth from India, recently I got an offer in Germany (posting could be in  Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Duesseldorf), I am a married guy with one kid. I want to know the cost of living in Germany in the respective city's, How much salary is required to survive with family.

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Have a look at this thread, you will get relevant infos : Cost of living in Germany – 2015

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HI Bhavna,

I had gone through the link which you had provided, I have one more query :

I had got an offer with 3100 euros per month ( cities could be  Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Duesseldorf), is it sufficient or more I have to get to stay over there.

Thanks in advance.


Whether any amount is sufficient or not depends entirely on your lifestyle and spending choices.
You should first figure put how much your take-home pay is, after taxes and other deductions (this depends on your personal situation, so consult a tax adviser - as a first guide approx. 30-40% will be deducted).
Then decide what kind of accommodation you want and what the rent levels are in those respective cities. Also, how long a commute you can accept (rents drop with distance from the centre) and whether you brung your household goods (renting furnished is rare and cost at leat 50% more).
After that, you need to decide whether your kid can join German public school (which is free, but entirely in German, so he/she would lose a year in preparatory classes) or an international school (which might be far from your resudence and costs €1000-1500/month).
And do you need a car? (€200-500/month after the initial cost of buying it.)
After that, €500-800/month per person is sufficient for daily expenses (food, public transport, utilities, clothes and toiletries, occasional entertainment) if you life a moderate lstandard ifestyle (note that ethnic food, incl. Indian, is costly)
This does not include travel, luxuries or savings.

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