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It is official, my wife and I are heading to Singapore in January and we will have to stay in  hotel until we get accommodation arranged. My wife has an aversion to elevators/lifts and I have seen that most of the hotels in Singapore are multi-storey. Are there any recommendations for ground level (or 1st level) hotels in Singapore? (Preferably West or Central.)

There are many hotels where u can request for level 1 rooms n u can use staircase to go up n coming down.

But that is not the problem, the problem u will face is outside where from MRT to malls ev every where elevators fitted for better communication, though staircases r there but in many places you will not find or very difficult to use for high floors.

Better start practicing and get used to, or else not only find u difficult but also an embarasment in public. Good luck

Singapore is a high-rised nation. Somebody who dislikes elevators/lifts should not come here. Seriously!

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Not the most sympathetic of replies guys! Are you aware of phobias?
Anyway we are coming (at least if I want to stay unemployed) and any info on hotels that do have ground and first floor rooms would be helpful. I have stayed in the Mercure and I know it does not.

You misunderstood me: I am not at all unsympathetic - on the contrary, I can very well imagine your wife's situation and I am sure she will NEVER be able to be happy in Singapore. Thus I gave you a serious warning: It is completely, entirely impossible to live in Singapore without using escalators and lifts!

But since you insist: Shangri La Rasa Sentosa has beautiful ground floor rooms with sea view for around S$500/night.
On the other end of the scale, Perak Hotel in Littel India has two dingy, windowless rooms on the ground floor for S$130/night (the nicer rooms are in the first floow, up the stairs, and cost a bit more).

I have spent some time in Singapore and am not sure this is true. Also it is ELEVATORS/LIFTS that are the problem, not escalators.
We will get a house or low level condo to live in and use buses/cars/bikes to get around. I have been to a few of the malls and shopping centres where she will be perfectly happy. Where would you go that requires elevators that is essential?
I don't mean to be argumentative about this but I have actually read a few of your replies on here and thought them to be well written and knowledgeable. It concerns me a bit as to why you say we wont be happy in Singapore.
Incidentally we will be arriving early January!

O.k., I read it as escalators and lifts. If escalators are fine, then she "only" has the problem when going to a high-rise office (incl. some government agencies, but thankfully not ICA) or visiting people who live above the 5th floor (approx. half the population).
But still I cannot understand why you would want to bring such a wife to Singapore, of all places. There are much more suitable places, e.g. USA suburbia, where the vast majority of buildings doesn't even have an upper floor!
Singapore is for people who like (or at least don't mind) high-risers.
There are few ground-floor Condos, and houses are not for everyone's taste (I like them and stayed most of my Singapore time in some, but then I don't mind the ants, cockroaches, occasional snake, bird and bat that are necessary features of living near tropical nature).

I am bringing my wife to Singapore because that is where my company are sending me. Incidentally we are moving from suburban Texas, USA. You go where your job takes you at the moment in my industry. Jobs are hard to come by.
Can't say we mind a bit of wildlife. Looking forward to that.  :D
I have spent 7 weeks in Singapore over two working trips and I am sure we will love it. You guys drive on the correct side of the road for a start. Looking forward to the organic bustle of the place after the soulless superficiality of the Houston suburbs.
Also and most importantly, you have proper fish and chip shops!

P.S. Thanks for the beach hotel idea. I am going to go with that. :top:

Singapore, too, has often been accused of soullessness. I didn't find that, but then I'm always exploring behind the facades.
But PLEASE don't insult the food capital of Asia by eating fish & chips. Seafood deserves better than that!

My wife has woken from dreams salivating and then become horribly depressed because she was 4000 miles away from her favourite chip shop! The batter runs deep!
We both love Indian style food and i am looking forward to familiarising myself with the local fish species both live and cooked.

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