My Experience: Family Visa Application

I went through the application process for family visa. I had lots of queries and do see the same in various post. I touch upon the key elements: (India Context)
1. Certificates required: Marriage and Birth Certificate.
2. Attestation: In India get it apostilled. Does not require any Embassy of Oman or MoFA etc. Since India and Oman are part of the Hague convention, apostille is done by the Ministry of External Affairs India. And it is accepted. I used the services of Al Hind Attestations. In 2 weeks it was completed. Bought the documents completed in India and then couriered to Oman. In fact Al Hind and other agents have offices in GCC. So dont break the head. Just mention- For Oman :)
3. Bank statements- NO
4. Medical- GAMCA approved. Since my family was here with me already on a visit visa (we are UAE residents) I took the medical from Badr Al Sama (a local polyclinic). Pay OMR 20 and ask for "Visa Medical" They need only the passport in original. It takes 24 hours to get the report. If done in Oman, no attestation required.
5. And thats it. The PRO will get the requisite forms done and with copies and originals of the above, will apply for the Visa. The relatives joining visa costs OMR 30.
Trust this post was informative. Thank you for passing by!

Hi Anand
Great that you shared your experience here. I wanna know, how much did you spend on 'Document attestation and courier'?

Bank statement is not necessary ??? N how many months it take to get family visa

Hi Kannadiga. Thank you for the response. I was in and out of the blog for sometime and hence the delay in response. There were 3 certificates:
1. Educational certificate
2. Marriage certificate
3. Birth Certificate.
To my memory it worked out be INR 6000.
More info on .alhindattestation (dot) com

Bank statement was not required. The time depends on when you get your employment processed which is the resident card. Once you receive the Resident card and have all the attested documents and medical reports in place, it shouldn't take not more than 3 days.

I am coming in oman on 19th feb 2020. I have got my employment visa and my salary will be 600+. Can i bring my family for tourist visa and convert tha same in oman to family visa. For family visa, i have already done with wife's gamca. Do i have to go for gamca for my child who is 3.5 years old. I have got apostilled my marriage and child's birth certificate in Aug 2019. I hope their validity has no limitation period. Please advise.

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