Expat life around Hebei Province?

I'm currently living in Baoding, Hebei Province, about 40 minutes G train ride from Beijing. There isn't really an expat community here and it's quite isolated. Are there any expat communities close by or any events taking place in the coming weeks or months? It would be nice to meet some people :)

hi ciara , how are you ? iam spencer from boston , mass. , usa  and was born in colombia, i will going there to live and work next week , we should hook up and hangout, i know nobody there, ,

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so ! can we be friends and show me around  baoding and introduce me to your friends as well...

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Hope you are still here in baoding. I just got here.

Hello. I just moved to hebei province. Do you know of any expats living here or any expat community?

Hello :) are you still in the hebei province? I would like to meet up :)

Hi Guys, I'm not in Baoding anymore but I would recommend visiting a place called Route 66 in Baoding. You can find the place on WeChat. The owner, Andrew, is fluent in English and organises events for expats around the area. He was a lifesaver when I was there. I'd also recommend using GrabTalk on WeChat to help get around and ask any questions. Trip Advisor has a "name in local language" option so if you need to find somewhere any your mandarin isn't too good, just type the name in to trip advisor and click the options.

Best wishes

Thank you so much :)

Silly question. How do I find the correct route 66 on wechat :)

hey im going to baoding january 2018 anyone message me if your there :)

Hi everybody,

I was proposed a job in Baoding, but I have a big concern about pollution as I 've read this city is one of the most polluted of China. I don't want to live with a gas mask all the time!!!
Is someone can tell me how is life in Baoding?
Thank you

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