Any families in Punta Cana?

Hi! Are there any Americans with children living in Punta Cana on this forum? Would love to know you and learn from your experiences!

I asked ScubaAndy to join this conversation!  He lives with his family in Punta Cana.

Hi there.. I am not American but from England.. I am married to a Dominican who speaks fluent english and we have a son Enrique.. If you have any questions please let me know and we would be more than happy to help..Alternatively if you want to make contact and meet up to chat send me a DM here..

Hope all is well with you

Andy Smith

Thanks Andy,  you are awesome!

I know..LOL

Hi Andy! So good to meet you! Thank you planner.  I am going to message you now :)

Hi Andy,

Planner turned me on to you. My wife and myself are coming Dec. 4th for a week and were wondering if you could spare some time for us. Maybe some pints? We are looking at relocating to Punta Cana Village and wanted some personal feedback.

Thanks Jeff

Hey there...

Great to hear from you..

Would love to meet you and your family.. Contact me on [email protected] nearer the time when you are here and we can arrange something..


Just saw your profile and saw you like golf and are an investor.. I love golf although have not played here yet and am an independent trader of the forex market from my home office.

Looks like we have some things in common to start with

Looking forward to meeting you.. I can answer all of your questions re medical etc etc when we meet. I have lived here in the Dom Rep for 15 yrs and love it.. I just love it..

Sounds excellent

Look forward to meeting up.


Excellent to hear, do we share one more common trait? Pints?


Hi Andy,

How are things? We got in a few days ago and have been trying to reach you through email. Are you still up for getting together? I am really interested in finding out more of the details with trading here. Platforms, banking etc. I would love to take you out for some pints if you are up.

Hope everything else is well,

Thanks Jeff

I have a question for you Andy. You live around some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world but you have not golfed there. May I ask why. I assume it is the cost. I to love golf and i am also a scuba diver. I have not yet made DR my home but I am working toward that end.