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:D Hi there

My name is Narisha, i am an indian from South Africa.

I have been living in Singapore now for almost 2 years. When i first moved here i found it difficult to adapt. Reason being is that i felt alone in a foreign place and was missing my loved ones in South Africa Johannesburg.

Then we applied for a school for my daughter who was starting secondary school. We had applied in South Africa and had not received any positive feedback even though we are South African citizens this really dissappointed me.

Nevertheless just 2 weeks after relocating to Singapore "Ministry of Education" had a wonderful lady go to the school of our choice and try to have my daughter enrolled. Within 3 days we were contacted and told that she had been accepted. You would not believe my joy because i was affraid she would waste a year at home especially since we still had not received any positive feedback from a school back in SA.

And here we were in a foreign place where we didn't even go to the school but MoE had someone sent to the school! To me this related alot about SINGAPORE and what their priorities are. That was when i made up my mind that i will remain here. I knew everything else will become easier in time.

I now love this beautiful, safe and clean country and i hope i never have to leave it. It has become my home. Let me add that i was a smoker for almost 28 years of my life after living in Singapore for just 1 year i decided i will quit just because i love this place so much and want to continue living here. So there you have it my version of A Paradise on Earth.

What a nice opening post.
Welcome to the forum :)

Thank you very much.

Welcome to singapore

Thank you

Welcome to the forum and congratulations for your kid's school enrollment!
Since it is usually very difficult as a foreigner to get a kid enrolled in a public school (preference is given to locals, then permanent residents, and only if there are places remaining thereafter, are foreigners considered), please post the details of your case and what you did to achieve this extraordinary service by MoM and the school.

nice one.

Nice story, I hope every day continue giving U best positive surprises in that lovely country!!!!

That's really good to hear, thank you for sharing you pleasant experience in Singapore. Glad to hear that it has encouraged you to give up smoking and i hope it's coming well. Hope you are having a great time here in Singapore!

Thank you Druvin
Glad to make your aqaintance.

You're most welcome Narisha, its my pleasure. Glad to make your aquaintence as well. God Bless!

I liked the style used in the vids - the editing was pretty good.

Thank you.

Stay blessed too :).

All the best!

Although this post is old, i will add to it as im sure some of you will agree with my comments.

Singapore does have its advantages and from my experience i see most of the time, efficiency seems to be one of them on the list.

I agree its safe and clean. You dont see any put out cigarettes on the street (as littering isnt allowed) neither bubble gum which is banned in Singapore. Being strict on littering is one of the key things that makes this country a nice and beautiful place.

There are alot of places of interest, therefore quite a bit to see and do in Singapore (put aside the hot and humid weather plus rain) but other than that, it makes  a good place for tourists.

I feel alot of countries can learn from Singapore. If a country is safe and clean, in my view, it will attract alot of tourists world wide and its good for the economy  :)

Thanks for sharing you nice experience of Singapore Narisha. Im sure there are alot of others out there who have visited and live in Singapore who would certainly recommend such a beautiful place to others.

Hope you're still enjoying Singapore and since you are in Asia, there are other countries within reach, such as South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and others that are worth seeing too if you get a chance.

Good day  :)


Thank you Jaz,

I will be visiting other Asian countries on my list is South Korea.


Thank you Jaz,

I will be visiting other Asian countries on my list is South Korea.


Good luck with your travels to South Korea. Im sure you will like it there.


Narishak wrote:

Thank you Jaz,

I will be visiting other Asian countries on my list is South Korea.


Perhaps a few months down the line would be better when things (hopefully) have calmed down.

Thank you very much  :)


Thank you very much  :)


Dont forget to try some of those tasty Korean dishes  :)
Although you may have tried some in Singapore already...enjoy   :)

Thank you i will definitely do that :)

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