What is the current situation in Afghanistan

I have been offered a job and might accept it but would like to know the current situation over there? I dont know what place it is but the job is thru a recruitment company and i know that it is from some logistics company?

My dear friend , you have to know the exact location before accepting any post in Afghanistan.
there are safe places (like walking in a park) and there are places (going to hell).
Let me know the province and location , I have enough knowledge of the area to guide you.


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As Arzhang suggests, you should request full information from the recruiting agency such as: exact location, the company which is recruiting, safety measures in place, etc.

Best of luck

If you are working on a US military base then don't sweat it, it is very very safe!  Kabul isn't too bad but other than that it is kind of dicey.  My favorite city is Herat.  Also remember that no matter where you go things may be drastically different from where you were.  There are many ethnic groups with different cultures and or languages.  I highly suggest reading as much as you can!  A few good books are Tournament of Shadows, The Great Gamble, and my personal favorite Words in the Dust by Trent Reedy. 

The reason I recommend "Words in the Dust" is that it is a great story that is easy to read AND if gives you an insight into what the culture is like and how Afghans interact with friends and family and toward foreigners.  Again, this book is a great resource and a good place to start learning.  There is also a video trailer for the book that you can view on YouTube.

Good luck with your life journey, where ever it may lead.


Just wanted to check how is this place
Wazir Akbar Khan, Kabul, Afghanistan
I have been offered with a job in afghan, the office address is given...any thoughts/suggestions on the place

I got oppurtunity stay in Kabul - Afghan for week for installation of telecommunication system.Plese advice is it safe to make trip and stay for week. --Yoganath

place of installation : French Medical Institute for Children, Kabul, Afghanistan

Can anyone revert back at the earliest.

Welcome on board Yoganath!

I hope other members will be able to tell you more about this place soon ;)


I got an offer from etisalat-Afghanistan at Kabul.

Please I need to know the current situation of Kabul.

Your advice and suggestion will be appreciable.


I am not sure that others will feel the same way, but for me, it is hard to describe the current situation in Kabul. Things feel much safer here now than they did back in the fall and early winter.  Our security company has our movements more restricted and from what I hear that is true of many other organizations as well. 

Do I feel in constant danger? NO but the feeling that I could find myself in danger is growing.

Kabul is reasonably safe.  There have been several attacks lately, but if you avoid places that foreigners frequent, you're probably okay.  I don't think or worry about security issues in Kabul as a general rule.

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