Flat mate needed!!! Time square!

I need a flatmate asap, is there anywhere else that I can post?

Hi Isobel, my name's Stefano, Italian guy and currently in Dalian. Where do you looking for a flatmate?

Hello!! In Suzhou, SIP

Where are you living now?


Hello Isobelle

As I suggested in a previous post of yours, here is the section to reach out to those seeking accommodation too :

Housing in Suzhou


Many Thanks :)

Goodmorning Isobel, sorry to reply late but i just opened my pc. Currently i haven't idea to move to Suzhou as living here in Dalian for 3 years. Are you working in Suzhou? Have you find a flat mate?


No not yet, need somebody asap. So if you do decide let me know! I have know idea where you are living now? What made you think Suzhou?

Its great here!!

Goodevening Isobel, i understand you but unfortunatelly i live in the North East of China in a beautyful coastal city called Dalian. I know Suzhou, have been several time down there. Really hope you can find a flat mate asap.

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