Looking for part time job (Chinese lessons and translation)


I am Jenny,nice to meet you.

I am looking for part time job, are there anyone who wants to learn Chinese lessons or need translation?if yes,be freely to contact with me.

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Hi  mooonlight926,

I suggest you to post an advert in the Language classes in Suzhou section, this might be helpful. :)

Thank you,


Hello please send me your mobile number
One of my friend need translator thanks


Just sent you email

Hi Jenny,

you can translate german - chinese??

Sorry,I cannt

I will start to study german started from tomorrow.will keep around 8months,so I hope I can speak next year

Hello, this is Ivy from Shenzhen, you can check 8888800000.com for the part time job.

Hello, this is Ivy from ODB Translation in China, we can provide you native tranlsation service ,all Asian languages and most-used European language by native linguist. Please contact me by Ivy.tang[at]odbtrans.com if you need.

Best regards,


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