Nice apartment for rental in Suzhou

Jinli Yuan (Suzhou Garden Court), Binhe-Shishan, New District, Suzhou.

General Info:
3 Bed, 2 bath, 132 M2, F 1st, with backyard. 42" PDP TV and 37" LCD TV. Modern western style decoration.

It is in the best foreigner community in New District, with perfect service. Main expatriates are French and Japanese. This is a quite new apartment, rented by a French for only 3 year. Very convenient life, with Gym and swimming pool nearby. And you can take BBQ in backyard. Following restaurants are ready to serve you: Blue Marlin, Loewenburg, Simon's, Pizza Hut, Starbucks

Tel: +86 13771960197
Email/MSN: Andycaiyb[at]

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