hi would be moving to Suzhou from India

Hello EveryOne,
I would be moving to Suzhou next year.
Need help regarding renting a flat.
Any suggestion would be welcomed.
Also if prices are high, would some family like to
share flat with my family as we are family of three( a 1 year child).


Hi Apple!

Maybe you could try posting an advert in the accommodation section of Suzhou classifieds.
It could help ;)


When will u move to Suzhou this year ?
2bed rooms  r enough for u. where will u live ?SIP?
Anyway, welcome!

im an indian staying in suzhou from 3 years.I can help you in all the ways
contact me at 18913584084

Hi Everyone and thanks for help.
Sorry guys but would not be moving to Suzhou
as our plans have changed. Thanks anyway for all.

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