Hi Singaporeans

Hi all,

I am new to this forum. Like Singapore, it's people a lot and wanna live there.

Hello amanaryaputra,

Welcome on board  :)

A little introduction will be most welcomed so as members of this forum get acquainted to you.

As you want to know more about Singapore, i suggest you read the Live in Singapore Guide, you will find relevant infos.

Best of luck,

Thanks for the response Bhavna.

I am an Engineer based out of Bangalore, India and working for a market-research company as International Project Executive.

I have heard a lot about Singapore and looking for an opportunity to work and live there. Before that I wanted to know you guys through this forum. Read so many posts till date and have already got a feel of being in Singapore!

Lots more to share as days pass by. Do help me with job openings too.

Have fun!


Hello everybody, I will go to Singapore next week, any recommendation?, regards

Hi, just relax as Singapore is one of the easiest and fun places in the world. You will love the garden city and the friendly people here, always ready to lend a helping hand. Singapore is small and getting around by public transport is very easy. The taxis here will astound you - they are 99% new and all sorts of variety. The people here speak English very well and they use English as working medium.

You will love Singapore. Have a good time.

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