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Dear Members,
Am relocating to Bahrain from Oman by end of Sep'2015.
Any one can advise best real estate agent to find a two bedroom apartment fully furnished in a safe area.


hope you find someone here : || ||

and if someone on the forum knows someone personally i am sure they would reply back!

Good luck & Welcome to Bahrain.


How are the rents in Jufail area for two bedroom fully furnished.

The rents will vary - The tall tower blocks tend to be on the high side while the private smaller blocks (say 6 apartments) tend to be cheaper. You may not get the gym, swimming pool or lifts in the smaller blocks and that may be the tradeoff..

Good luck  :top:

Hi we have just relocated and we used a guy called Tony. His number is +973 3770 3544. He was very good and if you tell him your budget and type of property he will find it for you then drive you to view them all. You don't get charged anything, he gets his fee from the landlord. Good luck!!

Thanks a lot I will contact him.

Hi, take a look at

Contact numbers and emails are on their for you to contact the agent.

There will be no cost to yourself for their services

Thanks a lot for the information.
Indeed this is best forum where I noticed and experienced group members are very helpful.

Your welcome. Hope you find what you are looking for

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I contacted many agents when I visited and left my details. Very few got back to me.
Al-Khubra mentioned above was really helpful and also Quest on Amwaj.
I also found Saraya properties really helpful though I was calling them and chasing.

Evolve Real Estate

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