Tabuk - Friends??

Hey all,

I recently moved to Tabuk for work, I was in Riyadh before, and looking to make some friends. It'It's not common to see other foreigners around and as a woman it'it's hard to meet people. I'd be up for book clubs, coffee dates, working out, anything. Let me know if you're interested!

Kat :)

Hi Kat,

Please do inform us about your experience in Tabuk so far. Weather, healthcare, traffic, etc..

B. wishes

I know some one there in tabuk ! if you want i can refer him !

Hi Kaby, thanks very much. I'I'm looking for female friends as I can'can't really socialise with men in public. Perhaps he has many friends!? Looking forward to your response :)

Ali, Tabuk is quite beautiful, the people are kind and I am treated well. The weather is good, hot at the moment but cooling down noticeably. The traffic is quiet compared to most other cities but the drivers are reckless, seen a couple of very nasty accidents in the last month. What else would you like to know? :)

Hi Kat,

I am in Tabuk and open for socializing. I know that you are looking for a female friends, I am a male but we can be chat friends or pen pals. We can chat though WhatsUp or so.

Let me know.

Hello Dear Im Arwa and I moved recently to Tabuk.. ibwould like to meet some people

Hi Kat,

I have a friend moving to Tabuk as a nurse. She hasn't worked in Saudi before and would like to get some advice about packing and such. Any help would be appreciated!


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