Health checkup without iqama

Hello to all,
My name is Bijay.  I'm from Nepal. My father work in Saudi Arabia in petrol pump. He is sick and day by day he's getting worse. His iqama has been expired and his company is not showing any interest of renewing iqama or for health checkup or  process to return him home . He's telling that without iqama he can't visit hospitals neither Doctor will do endoscopy.
He's suffering from severe stomach pain and heart pain. If there are any expat member who live in Saudi Arabia and can help my dad for health checkup especially endoscopy should be done to know exact problem in his stomach. Please help my dad for his recovery and if possible return him to Nepal soon.

hope expat members gonna help him soon.  waiting for response. Thankyou

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Talk to the Nepal Embassy in KSA and to sort out his case....

Or tell him to go talk to the embassy so that he can get an exit and return back to Nepal...

Yes, you must contact the embassy and let them help you

Nepal embassy has told that they can't help in this case. and main thing is right now he need health checkup (endoscopy) must be done to know what happen to him in stomach and take proper medicine.  so if you guys can help him in medication it'll be great help.

Hello Bijay Rai :cheers:

As suggested above, please contact embassy. We are a forum dedicated to share information about expatriation.

I am sure if any members feel they can help they shall contact you by sending a private message here.

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