Looking for young people to hang out with :)

Hi! Bit of an odd way to find friends but I am new in the country and it's not like I know alot of people. I'm 25 and am looking for people to go for drinks with/walk dogs with (I have a big dog)/go snowboarding-sking with in winter. Sadly everyone at work is in their late 30's and most live in la Seu, hence why I'm calling to any of you - to see if anyone's in the same boat as me. I live in La Massana and work in Andorra.la.v.... so up for meeting wherever really.
P.s Hablo español, parlo català, vorbesc putin romaneste.... :)
P.p.s you can find me on Facebook if it's easier with the same name as my name here (dog as a cover photo).

Hi Isa, my husband and I will be coming to Andorra and staying in La Massana for pretty much a month exactly from October 10. We're just over 30 and would definitely be keen to meet up with anyone who's been living in Andorra (our trip is to decide if we want to call Andorra home in the next year). We both enjoy hiking but would happily catch up casually over drinks too :)

Hello, I organise Ladies lunches if you are interested please get in touch through Facebook or andorrahome.  Next lunch in two weeks al Moli dels Fanals, I organise a whatsapp group for International residents! Just get in touch!

Thanks Emma, I will look up your group via the suggested channels. Not sure if I will arrive in Andorra too late but am interested if the timing is right. Thanks again :)

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