How to make friends in Andorra

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in Andorra :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Andorra??

Thanks in advance for your participation

I haven't done many friends in Andorra because of my short stay (I suppose). But I did manage to talk to a couple of persons in a beach bar. They seem easy to approach, but not many of them talk English (or I was unlucky).

Where did you find a beach bar in Andorra????:-)

Gotta learn some Catalan if you REALLY want to integrate....I imagine.

Isn't Andorra stuck in the mountains ? :-)

Yes Andorra is in the mountains, it is famous for skiing, and you must drive minimum 3h to go to the closest beach in France or Spain

A beach bar not as in a bar on the beach, LOL. I hope I am not wrong, but there is a chain of bars/restaurants named 'beach' (the name wasn't in English) or something similar. I will ask about it and come back with a post. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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I can speak English, little Spanish

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