meeting new people?

Hello everybody,

I would like to meet new people in Andorra... i know  this is easier said than done. I speak English and Spanish and understand Catalan just fine. I am up for pretty  much anything... hiking, clubbing, walking around, winter/summer sports, movies, sightseeing... or just hanging out. I am an easy going single dad... open minded and down to earth.

Anybody interested? 


Hi Frayday,

It is very difficult to find much of English speaking community. Particularly, for me, who doesnt speak much of Catalan or Castellano. Would be great to go hiking one day.


Hi there,

There is a man who emails around an English-speaking newsletter once a month that has activities for the English-speaking expat community in Andorra. There is a growing number of people from different European countries moving to Andorra as well who usually speak English. If you are interested in the newsletter it is mentioned on The International Club of Andorra:

Give it a look! Happy reading.

Hey Azand,

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, I actually didn't know you had replayed... I expected to get an email when somebody posted something on this thread. Anyhow, I am up for hiking whenever! I am no expert on the different trails but there's got to be a bunch of them.
What days work for you best?


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