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New to the site so hello to all
We are seriously considering a move to the Murcia area for our retirement. Have very little issues regarding the move as the climate would be a huge benefit to my wife. I am a relatively fit and healthy 60 year old but a prior health issue means I have to take warfarin and a pacemaker check on an annual basis. I would welcome any information regarding dealing with these health issues if we moved to Murcia. It is the only sticking point for me and would love to move to benefit my wifes health
Any advice would be really welcome
Regards Chris

I am in a very similar position as yourself regarding age and health issues, my health issues are different to yours, but I would welcome any knowledge you find out. Unfortunately, I have no information to give you about hospitals in the area.

We spent a month last year in Los Alcazares and my wife and I are going again in Mid Oct  for 60 days to 'try' out the area again but staying this time in Santiago de la Ribera. We are pondering buying a small place in Murcia, my wife is very cool about buying, but still retaining our East Yorkshire base for the warmer British months

If you haven't already done so try out winter months in Murcia, it is very very different from Summer months. Much of the Mar Menor smaller areas and in particular La Manga close down and you might discover that the winter is not for you. It is very quiet generally with few people around but we find there are enough Bars and Restaurants open and they satisfy our simple needs. We always have a hire car out there and that allows to explore Murcia.

If I can help you in any other way please ask.


More than happy to let you know if I get some information.  My wife has a v old uncle living in La Herrada. Unfortunately her uncle has the onset of dementia so gaining information is just a little unreliable. Therefore we are planning a trip to visit and see ourselves and try and get some more reliable information.
Regards Chris

Hi,we  have been all over the Murcia areas , and some areas don't get going until late May , shut in winter months .... We stayed where your on about and you sure needed a car , no corner shop .
We visited camposol ..... couldn't get out fast enough , even the local guy running  a cafe said don't come here , it's ridden with flies , and as soon as your food came to the table they were swarms of them  .
There is a few streets on sector D that are almost falling down , with paths and streets dropping into the ground .
We liked Algorfa the best , that's up from  Murcia airport , about 15 min drive .the costa blanca areas we found much better .... but hey try before you buy . good luck , ps we are also in the east riding area

Hi Chris,

I (59) emigrated from Amsterdam to Los Alcázares in 1996 and never regretted it. My Spanish wife just had a heart valve repaired in March in university hospital La Arrixaca in Murcia Capital, the doctors are EXCELLENT. I heard that doctors/surgeans come from the United States to La Arrixaca to study. What you should learn is Spanish. It is quite normal overhere  that if one has to stay in the hospital another (family) person stays with the patient to take care of him/her. You also need a car, public transport is a disaster.
We do not have real winters, in december/january at midday it may be around 18 oC, it cools down very fast when the sun has gone. It gets very quiet over here, La Manga, Los Belones, become gost towns. Los Alcázares, Santiago de La Ribera stay alive. My advise is renting before buying and look for the place you really want! If you wish I can rent you the house my mother lived in in Los Alcázares. Friendly greetings from Los Alcázares,


Thanks very much for your reply. I had spoken to an expat who had returned to the UK. He had told me about the relative carrying out aftercare in hospital. I'm interested to know if you're wife has to take blood thinners after her valve repair.  Please ignore if you think that question is intrusive.  The reason I ask is that I have a mechanical valve which isn't a major issue other than I have to have a blood thinning drug which requires regular tests. I am trying to find answers to this in particular. And I have taken note of the other replies and will take the advice regarding renting initially.
Regards Chris

Hello Chris,

After my wife had the valve repaired she had to take a blood thinner called sintron, and had to be checked a few times a week in the beginning, after about 3 weeks less checks, now she is without sintron but still on aspirin. For the checkups she went to the local medical centre, about 200 metres from where I live, they took some blood, which they send to University Hospital Los Arcos to be analized, she had to call around midday to ask about the results and how much sintron she had to take next days. It worked perfect. She had a heart attack august last year, they put in 3 stents  in another hospital in Cartagena, everything perfect exept for the fact that the heart attack damaged one of the valves, which had to be repaired. To be short I do not think there will be any problem about having any tests, all the medicines are available too, the doctors are VERY GOOD, but most of them do not speak English.

Please do not hesitate to ask anything you want to know!. Friendly greetings from sunny Spain,


Thank you again Oscar,
That's reassuring and whilst my Spanish is limited I would make it a priority to greatly improve my vocabulary to adapt to life in Spain.
Thank you once again

If your from the UK your need to get a form in advance from your social welfare office, that will show your tax status and health cover. The Spanish will recognise tax and public cover from abroad. Cant remember the form name Im afraid. Also your medical history from your doctor.

Murcia wouldnt be covered as well as other parts of Spain regarding costs but still cheaper than Ireland by a mile (Dunno about the UK).

For example, my medication in Ireland cost 65euro a month for generic (100+ for brand). In Torrevieja it costs 17 euro

I honestly appreciate the post (karlitosway1978). I will look in to the form. I have an ongoing prescription but will also look in to how my GP can forward my health records. Probably the best thing I have done posting on this site as I appreciate people taking the trouble to respond and beginning to get a little more reassured.

Regards Chris

My gp just printed them off and I brought them to the new Spanish gp. They kept them though so should have photocopied.  :(

I should have said already that I have residence and my Spanish health insurance card already.

Until you get them use your European health card (good for 6 months)

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