Best shopping places for expats in Da Nang.

Where can I find decent Western food - like cheese, wine and more - in Da Nang?

Vegetarian or vegan food?
Wholemeal flour?
A western butchery? Sausages?

You can come Luna Pub with restaurants Italian at 9A Tran Phu, Limoncello Italian foods at 187 Tran Phu, Breads of Life with Americans, Italian foods at 4 Dong Da, Micasa Spanish foods at 52 Vo Nghia. At the Limoncello they have good wine. also with Luna. I've been there sometimes, its reall great, western places, quite, friend or family meeting. Enjoy with information. If you need more help can contact me

Check the newly opening Vincom Shopping Mall out.

Last time I was there, I didn't see anything whole wheat though.

Was at the Metro yesterday. They have good bread there, a combination of white and wholewheat flour (from 20 up to 40%), among other things.

What I like most is that they have free home delivery service, if you buy more than 500k VND.

How do you arrange for the free delivery...none of the employees seem to speak English. 

Also, have you tried BigCs delivery--how does it work/who do you talk to?

Have you tried talking to cashier at bigC?  I think she can help you! If not, she will call a person who can help you :D

At Metro I saw the announcement / advert. near the cashier in both English and Vietnamese. If you can find it, take a picture, show it to them and give them your address.

Funny thing is, I speak and look very much Vietnamese but they sometimes mistook me as some other Asian expat or curious tourist: Chinese, Korean,... So yeah, someone at the cashier did say hello to me.

Good luck!

I did not try it at Big C. Not sure they have free delivery program...

Thanks, tried a couple of times and got blank stares.  Didnt want to create a scene or cause them to lose face ;-)

Must of have missed that will look for it next time as I may have entered throught the wrong entrance.  Btw, it sounds like a membership is required?  I was able to make a purchase but believe the cashier was asking for member card.

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