Badminton in Barcelona?

Hello I just moved to Barcelona, And I am looking for a badminton buddy here, They say there is a court in Decatlon  :)

This is the most active badminton group I have found in Barcelona 

Thank you so much for the information, I appreciate it!   :)

Hola! Siguen jugando al badminton los domingos? Si asi fuera estaria interesaa en ir. Estare en Barcelona 6 meses y me gustaria jugar con regularidad.

YO también, seria interesada !

Hi aspire7 and AgatheMougel,

This is an english speaking forum so i advise you to write in english here, it will help all members to understand. !
If you want to speak in spanish, the Barcelona Hispanic forum is at your disposal. :)

Thank you,

Priscilla team

We were asking if the badminton meetings were still happening in Barcelona :)

I'd like to get on that mailing list. Were a danish couple living very close to arc de triomf

Please inform me if this forum is still active, i want to join a group of badminton players also... I love badminton

I'm searching also for the badminton court that could play with other people.  Hope can find one

I'm searching also for badminton court that could play with other players.  Just give me a bump for who knows.

Hey guys i don't know it's too late or not but is anyone here still playing badminton since then? and if you do then where can i join and play with? :D i played at advanced level before but that was years ago, would love to play this sport again after so long! please contact me if you are interested! thanks

hello, im interested to play with others badminton. I just moved in to Barcelona, im in gracia area

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