To arrange a Gathering in Red sea.

Hello everyone, I am writting here to spread my happiness because recently I have purchased my own simple small apartment studio in Hurghada, the next day I met a nice English couple, neighbours, and of course they have friends, moved to live in Hurghada, we are all need each other, we should be in if I could say dear expats, you can knock my door during my presence in Hurghada. Many of the expats need some help especially after just moving to the things will be easier for them.
I achieved my dream, I was born, live, and working in Alexandria on the Mediterranean, about 8 hours by bus to Hurghada, but the city got its magic, the city impressed me since 2011, my memories there were amazing, so I squeezed myself, collected savings of years to buy a simple home there.. Happy now. These days I am trying to prepare my new home, bed (bought), kitchen, small sofa....I hope soon all will be ready.
Dears, honest persons are so welcome to send me anytime, a real friendship based on trust, Love, and continuous contact.

Welcome in Egypt. Welcome in Hurghada.
The Life is better together..we are trying to be happy.

Good on you  😄

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