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Hello there ,

Maybe I can get in touch through this post with british girl  new here in Egypt . As I've seen there is a mix culture especially in hurghada , but its harder to get in touch directly . So if you're decent  person and like to share ideas, drop me few lines. Cheers!

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Hi there,

My name is Victoria I currently live in the UK but I am looking to relocate to Hurghada in the next few years. I have just come back from hurghada visiting some friends. I love this city so much .... I viewed an apartment there that I am buying but it won't be ready until July 2014 as it's still under construction. I am keen to learn Arabic and looking for work in the city so I can permanently relocate here. Do you live in hurghada?

Good luck

Good morning Victoria

yes i am living in Hurghada but recently i got a job in Taba at Sinai so i am on & off Hurghada.

Hurghada is really nice community with lovely culture mix i guess it is not easy to find it every where,

i am interested to know more about you and i will start myself,

i am working as a hotel financial controller, 43 years old, married with 11 years old daughter,

in this regards i just bought a peace of land to have a house on it and i am trying to sell a flat i have there but it is not accomplished yet if you are interested it will be my pleasure to sell it to you or rent it.

looking forward to hearing from you always.
thank you

Salam and Blessings,

Welcome to Hurghada. It is truly a peaceful place to live. I have myself been here 4 months. Still exploring looking to meet others.

Im not British but soon I will be moving to Hurghada. I am a single woman from the states...USA...I'm looking for english speaking friends, jobs and locations to shop and live.


No I dont, I am moving to Hurghada in Dec 2013....a single american woman.  English is the only language I know and look forward to meaning more english speaking people. What do you know about the opportunities for employment?



I too would like to view the flat that you have available...I would be interested in renting long term. Please send pics and the price you would rent for long term. 

Thank you,

Good morning Sarawh

Glad to hear from you and with pleasure to support you in all regards, concerning the flat and long term rent it will be US $ 200 per month but you need to accomplish and furniture it first and what you are going to pay to be deducted from the rent 100 % until clearing,i expect the accomplish costs to be $ 4000 and the furniture up to your taste around $ 2,500 so it can be consumed on around three years of free rent,

and regardless this issue also with pleasure to meet and help and give you a clear picture about Hurghada as of now before your arrival. 

you may feel free to contact me vie e-mail zahmedd[at]
best regards

Check your PM Victoria.

Hello Sarawh,

Let's discuss more in private. I can give you more details.

Sure thing what is your email address?:)


It looks like we are both moving and after the same thing :D

It would be great to share the experience :D

I can introduce you to some of my friends out there, the more people you know the more home like it feels.

Victoria :D

Thank You Victoria would like that greatly.


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