Shipping furniture to Philippines

Does anyone have any information about shipping used furniture to the Philippines.  Can you please list a shipping company or a contact person.  I would like to ship to Cebu.

Don C

DHL, Fedex.

lol...they charge 6000 pesos...$125.....just to send a letter.  I can't even begin to think of what they will charge to ship furniture.  But thanks

I considered shipping a house full of furniture, using commercial shippers, but the cost of shipping, and the import duty was near enough the same as the value of the furniture.

But where are you wanting to send from ?

I am shipping from Saudi Arabia.  Yes, I was also told that the custom charges are more than the cost of the furniture.

tonydante :

Does anyone have any information about shipping used furniture to the Philippines.  Can you please list a shipping company or a contact person.  I would like to ship to Cebu.

Don C


You plan to send your goods in the Philippines? May I know the total volume of your goods? Do you want to send it via air or sea?

Used household goods and personal effects are allowed to be imported into the Philippines but the tax and duty exemption amount varies depending on the type of passport and visa the client has.

Returning Filipino nationals must have lived abroad for a minimum of 6 continuous months to be eligible for tax and duty of exemption of 200.00USD per passport holder. Any excess over the total exemption of all family members will be subject to 50% duty and 12% tax. Returning residents who do not meet the “time abroad” criteria are subject to 30% duty and 12% tax. Spouses of returning nationals with a 13-a visa are entitled to full exemption status.

Foreigners with a permanent residence 13-g visa, work visa 9-g, investor’s visa, non-immigrant visa 47- a2 and retiree visas are entitled to full exemption of tax and duties. Those with visitor visa 9-a are not entitled to exemption of household goods thus are subject to 30% duty and 12% tax.

Effective Immediately: Those applying for or extending the 9-g visa must have an approved AEP. Those applying for extensions or renewals should do so 2 months in advance of the expiration date. Applications for grace periods will not be accepted without an approved AEP.

ABCDiamond :

I considered shipping a house full of furniture, using commercial shippers, but the cost of shipping, and the import duty was near enough the same as the value of the furniture.

But where are you wanting to send from ?


I want to send your furniture in the Philippines? There are entitled persons who can import personal effects and household goods for free. They don't have to pay duties and taxes. Below are the persons entitled to full exemption from duties and taxes.

FOR FOREIGN PASSPORT HOLDER- are fully exempted from duties and taxes. Please refer to below your appropriate visa category for the proper requirements.

For holder of 13A, 13D, 13E or 13G visa:

13(a) visa - Foreign spouse or child of a Filipino residing in the country permanently.
13(d) visa - A woman who was a previous Filipino citizen and lost her citizenship due to marriage to an alien.
13(e) visa - Returning Former Resident – alien who was previously a permanent resident and is returning from abroad to an unrelinquished residence in the Philippines
13(g) visa - Returning Former Citizens – former Filipino citizens who are returning to the Philippines for permanent residency.

Please submit the following documents:

- Original passport
- Alien Certificate of Registration card
- Copy of Proof of Residency - Purchase of land or house property
- Copy of Marriage Contract
- Copy of Birth Certificate (if former Filipino)

For holder of 9G, 47(A)2, or  EO 226 visa:

9(g) visa - Expatriates under Pre-Arranged Employment Visa.
47(a)2 visa - Special Non-Immigrant Visa – Foreigners who work in the Philippine government projects under special contract or Exchange scholars.
EO226 - Special Resident Investor Visa – Foreign personnel of Regional or Area Headquarters or Multinational companies.

Please submit the following documents:

- Original passport
- Original Certificate of Employment – stating position and period of employment
- Employment contract – original or certified true copy
-Visa Application – with stamp of “RECEIVED” by the Bureau of Immigration.


Please coordinate with the Philippine Retirement and Leisure Authority office and submit the following documents for their tax exemption preparation:

- Original passport with valid SRRV.
- Personal appearance may be required.

I don't know the volume, but I believe that I will need a 20ft container.  I have a 13A visa and my wife and I have decided to live in the Philippines. We have lived in the US for 15 years.  I was told that I need a letter from the department of Finance, is this correct?

You have provided great information! thanks for that.  Now, I just need a good shipping company, that will not try to over charge me. I have my 13a permanent resident card. Can you please tell me who I would give my docs to.



I can recommend good shipping company. Please let me know your address. They will survey your goods if you need to use 1x20 or 1x40 footer container.

Shipping company in Manila can process your exemption in Department of Finance in your behalf.

I tried to email you at the address you provided, but it was rejected.  Do you have another email addr?


Hi everyone in here... I am shipping my full house furniture and appliances from Dubai to Philippine. I already called cargo company and agreed for 20ft container and its scheduled for pick up after few days. I got the container in very reasonable price but the problem we should be the one who will pick the goods once it's arrive in port Manila. Does anybody knows here the procedure I will face in the port  once they call me to pick my stuffs.. I am talking about clearing from the customs??Do I need to pay something there??


Do you have a liability for taxes and duty?  Or do you have an exemption?

Most ports have various clearance fees, but it depends on what has been included in your shippers costs to you, or have you only paid for the pure shipping cost only?

Well since my husband is the one who did tHe negotiations with the shippers I think the price was only for shipping from here to Manila. Once the container arrive then we will be one will come to the port and bring the stuffs. So what about clearing from customs? All are used furnitures and appliances with all our clothes etc..full things of our flat..

When I looked into shipping my things, the cost of shipping was only about half of the total cost including clearance and taxes/duties at Manila.

I would not have tried to do any of the clearance paperwork etc., myself. 

Do you know if you will be liable to customs duties and taxes when it arrives?  This varies depending on the type of Visa.

The people are coming tomorrow to survey the things I'm going to send hence I can find out only tomorrow. What does it mean the visa? To whom visa? Can u explain to me regarding this. I'm going back to Philippine for good. My husband was the one who negotiate with the shippers and still doesn't know to whom he put the name of sender my name or his name but they ask passport for the receiver where I put my father's name since he will be the one available to pick up and collect when it's arrive.

Please I need urgent clarification regarding this matter..


You should maybe ask the shippers, if they know what the final costs etc will be.  When I did my checking on this, they knew exactly what I would be looking at, and I decided I would use them for everything at both ends, to avoid any complications, if I went ahead. But my Visa status meant paying a lot of money for import duty, so I didn't ship anything.

Regarding my mention of Visa, I assumed that one of you is a non Filipino, an Expat. Shipping goods over on moving to the Philippines.

A retirement visa holder gets certain exemptions for this.

I will clarify all these tomorrow..
Thanks for the informations anyway...

hi im jacky from philippines now residing in japan, i would like to know how to ship furnitures from japan to philippines personal use brand new / used furnitures, thank u

Hello all, if wife ar from Philippines and are shipping from USA as long as not a usa citizen then she don't have to pay taxes on stuff shipped

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Returning philippines citizens are only allowed a small exemption from duty and taxes of PHP10,000. Unless you have a work visa, or she has dual nationality, your shipment will be subject to duty and taxes.


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Hi Shane, can recommend to me a shipping company, I need 1x20 from Singapore to bulacan philippines. Thanks

Has anyone shipped furniture from the UAE recently?  We're looking for recommendations for a good, honest and cheap shipper.  Recently quoted  for 20ft container, 21 000 dhs ( 286 000 peso 5700 usd) for door to door including all fees.   That is crazy high especially since I qualify for 350 000 peso tax free import of personal goods and furniture.


I am in the moving business and happy to recommend a few Movers in Singapore to you where I also lived for 11 years. My email is  xxxx


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Does anyone know the TRUE cost of a 20 ft shipping container that would have furniture, pots and pans, food storage, bicycle, tv, computer, etc, all used stuff what the cost in USD to ship to Cebu and what the taxes, fees, import duties would be?   Thanks in advance

hello.. any suggestion .. iam looking for an honest shipping company  that is cheap (also).. planning to ship my furnitures and appliances..i need a 20footer..  iam a dual citizenship.. from texas to laguna philippine .. door to door.. thank you

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Hello tonydante, just to add my own experience. I am from the United States. I sent a total of 40 Balikbyan boxes, some of which contained televisions, my entire 7 piece bedroom set, and 6 huge bins to the Philippines via a company called Balikbyan Box Forwarders located in Los Angeles, California, USA. The cost was under $10,000. I don't remember the exact cost as I sent them at 3 different times, but there were a lot of boxes and furniture. The shipment was delivered door to door and there were no Philippine importation fees or paperwork. I did not have a visa but I did have an address in the Philippines. My wife is Filipino. The shipping company took care of everything. When we arrived here we had a lot of unpacking to do, but it was well worth it. It may sound like a lot of money but what else is money good for except to allow you to do the things you want to do, like moving to the Philippines.
So my friend, if it is possible in the United States, it can also be possible from wherever you are. There is always someone who will do a job you want for a price. One more thing, there was no weight limit because it went by ship. They even supplied the container. Good Luck!

cute55 :

hello.. any suggestion .. iam looking for an honest shipping company  that is cheap (also).. planning to ship my furnitures and appliances..i need a 20footer..  iam a dual citizenship.. from texas to laguna philippine .. door to door.. thank you

FYI dual citizens are entitled to full exemption from duties and taxes.

I just shipped all my furniture, old and new in a 20ft container out to Manila from the uk. It cost me £4800' that is door to door.
Because I'm not out there, due to unforeseen delays with myself.  Customs stung me for £1182, which I'm a bit pissed about.
my timing was all wrong, I should've been out there with my visa and documents at least 20days prior, then I wouldn't have been stung.
Although I emailed my documents over, to show that I'm applying for a retirement visa and that its all my furniture, it wasn't good enough.

I'm going to see if I can get that money back when I get over there, but I'm not building up much hope on that.

I there
This is a company that was receiving my furniture and delivered it to my partner's address in the Philippines. I hope this is of some use to you.

Goetz Moving & Storage, Inc.
Goetz Cargo Center
No. 16 Villonco Dr., South Bay
West Service Rd., Parañaque City,
Metro Manila, Philippines

T: +63 2 775 0764 - (Import)     M: +63 917 823 3875         
F: +63 2 809 4621                    E: jenny[at]

try info[at] part of Harmony Relocation Network

thank you ..

Hi just wondering if you are able to find a shipper that does container van door to door and how's everything. My husband and I are planning to move to the Philippines particularly in Iloilo City next month. We are hoping to bring all our stuffs. I really appreciate if you can recommend me the shipper you used. Thank you

hello.. might somebody could help me to find a good shipper that does contsinervvan foor to dor. my husbsnd and i planning to move to the philippines. i appreciate if you could recommend me the shipper u used. thank you

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Hello, I am interested in shipping used furnitures in Philippines can you please tell me what to do? I am living in Hongkong right now

Hi  there
I would just look to see if there is an international removals where you live and they will do the rest.  Don't bother packing yourself as it will not be covered by their insurance, let them do it. They itemise every item.   It's best to leave your furniture in their rooms so they can write down, bedroom, kitchen etc. They will organise the customs etc, no need to worry about a thing. 
I'm saying this on my own experience shipping from the uk to the Philippines.
Good luck, let's hope hongkong have good companies

we just shipped our furnitures and appliances in Philippines from  usa.. last nov 9,2017 and i got this jan 212018.   the company i got is not as good as what i read from reviews which says that one of the best  shipping company... at first they are gladly to inform you everything  how to shipp your belongins but once you paid the  deposit.. that will end .. they hardly reply to your calls if you want to ask something.. iif  they will reply you its about the money... and after they got your things that s the time they will inform you the money they charged you of Course you will know the amount BEFORE YOU WILL BE SIGNING. the worst is they will suprise you again with another  charged which you will be paying because they have your belongings and you paid  already the amount they charged you. they wont explain what is that for, and if you will not pay they hold your things.. and when it is in custom they let you know late so you will be charged more, so another charged again..  and again  you have to pay everything so your shipement will be realeased..  i share this to be careful in getting a moving company.. by the way  the company i got is JOHNSON  STORAGE AND MOVING LED BY  HELEN AND JENNIFER. I WILL RATE THIS COMPANY  AS 2 OUT OF 10.. BY THE WAY THE ONE WHO PACKED AND LOAD OUR BELONGINGS  ROADRUNNER MOVING AND STORAGE ARE VERY NICE AND IN HERE IN PHIL THE GOETZ COMPANY  WHO UNLOAD OUR SHIPMENT ARE VERY FRIENDLY AND POLITE I RATE THEM 10 BOTH. warning for  planning to get moving company.. better check good.. thank you

Here is one solution to moving overseas.   Pack only your personal belongings and a few boxes of 'can't live without items'.  Then simply auction all your remaining household furniture and with the proceeds added to the huge shipping bills you will save, it is possible to refurnish your new home here in the Philippines with no hassle. 
Without installing a step down transformer and  doing some expensive rewiring in your new house here in the Philippines, all your North American kitchen appliances will not work here.   The line voltage is different, so most North American appliances (even your printer) will be useless here without some type of a voltage converter.
I will mention however, that most chargers for laptops, cell phones and some small appliances will  work in  both countries.  Just check the label on the charger.

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