play chess hcmc

is anyone interested playing chess(not chinese)?. or is there any chess center in saigon?

Where n when

during weekends, sat or sun, district 7

I live in binh tan district. Can we find a place in the middle

You can play at Monopolatte Cafe au Play in district 2. That's where I go to play chess and all my favorite board games.

On every Sunday, From 14:00 to 18:00, the Pooltech Chess club will open for chess players to play. This is the place for most of the Young Professional Chess players of HCMC team to play.

Registed contact: Mr. Hoan +***

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Hi Jtk111, I live in binh tanh too.
If you see my message,  please give me a reply. I like to play chess... if you have some spare time

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