Learning to Speak Bulgarian: Weekly meet up in centre of Plovdiv

Are you interested in joining a group of foreigners and locals in a "conversations exchange" and to learn Bulgarian or English by speaking while having fun and getting to know new people in a friendly atmosphere?

Every Tuesday at 1900 - 2100

Send me a message to find out more

Hi Patrick,

I'm Jeff from Wales. I lived in Stockholm in the 70's but my Swedish is a little rusty now! I moved to Plovdiv last September and I teach at the Medical University.

I'm interested in your weekly meet up in order to learn Bulgarian and would welcome more information.

Many thanks,


Hi, my boyfriend and I are moving in April to a village near Chirpan. We will definitely be interested in joining your group when we arrive.
Look forward to meeting you!

You're welcome to join us!
Please add me as a connection to share some information about the location and time of these events.

Hi Patrick

Just interested to know a couple of things from you, if you would be so kind...

1/  Are you based around Plovdiv permanently?  (I would love to join your BG conversation meetings, when I can get out to Plovdiv and hopefully settle there)

2/  Have you any local knowledge of employers for English only speakers but who desperately want and need to learn Bulgarian?

I am looking for employment, as soon as I can get it.  Please see my 'newbie' post, regarding teaching English to mature students and business people, in and around Plovdiv

Any help or advice, would be REALLY appreciated, believe me!

I have a 3.5 year old daughter, growing up fast in Asenovgrad and I want to be nearer her ASAP!!!  I am currently in the UK, as you will see from my post

Thanks in advance



1 - You're welcome to join us when you make it over to Plovdiv. We're pretty permanent as the word goes....

2 - Yes, we're desperate to learn Bulgarian - that's why we started the group. (forgive me if I misunderstood your question)

3 - English teacher -> In my opinion there are many possibilities for English teachers, since only 15% speak english in the country

HInt:...One of the guys from the GROUP is an English teacher in Plovdiv

Add me as a contact if you want to get some contact details,

Thanks and all the best!

Thanks for your reply

I have added you as a contact and will be in contact as soon as I can make it out to BG, if you are still holding conversation meetings in Plovdiv, by then

I am desperate to learn Bulgarian, as my daughter is starting to speak more English, than I speak Bulgarian.  Shame on me!  LOL

I have had a message from an English teacher in Sofia but it would be good to get further info. about teaching English around Plovdiv (from the guy in your group) at some point

Cheers for your help!

Hi Patrick,
At the moment I am back in the US applying for my type D visa and if all goes well will be back early April. I will be living in Plovdiv and would like to join the group.


I know this is now an old thread, but do these meetings still take place? I'm currently staying in Plovdiv, but looking to relocate to here within the next 2-3 months. Will soon be starting Bulgarian lessons but would love to mix in an environment with others wanting to learn/practice.

Hi, I have not formally started learning Bulgarian yet and only know a handful of words, my plan is to start after the first of the year. My office is super center if you ever want to have coffee and visit about living here.

I'm keen on joining a group such as this to meet people in the same position as me living in Plovdiv trying to learn Bulgarian. Do these groups still take place.

Thanks ally

Allym :

I'm keen on joining a group such as this to meet people in the same position as me living in Plovdiv trying to learn Bulgarian. Do these groups still take place.

Thanks ally

Hey Ally.
Did you ever find out if they still hold meet ups like this in Plovdiv/ Learning Bulgarian sessions?
I am moving to Plovdiv summer 2017 and would be interested in finding out more about these types of meetings to get to meet new people! Any advice seeing as you've lived in PLD for a while now?


Hey all. I'll be in Plovdiv for January and February.  I teach in China and it is the Chinese New Year holiday. I would love to meet this group and learn some Bulgarian. Is it still on? When and where?

To the one saying he lived in Sweden in the 70's, I am fluent in Swedish though I am an American. I would love to talk about your, utlanning, views of Sweden from the 70's. I have a thing or two to say on the topic.



I am interested in joining your group and meeting all of you! Please, send me more info! Best regards, G

hello, Danni!
be sure to get into contact with me when you move to Plovdiv - I could be of help to you!
Regards, Galina

Hi Folks,

My wife and I are in Plovdiv from 22-26/6/17 and would love to meet up with people from this group to talk about learning Bulgarian and living and working in Plovdiv.  We are here to consider the university for medical studies.

Please pm me if you have any time during that period and are interested in catching up for coffee or a meal.

Ciao, Graham.

Hi all,
We are also interested to meet with the group and practise Bulgarian. Where is the location?

Lucy and Can

yes, would like to, what location are you meeting up?

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