hello everyone!

I'm Dyam from Negros Oriental, Philippines. I'm an au-pair here in Netherlands particularly in Groningen for almost 3 months already. I'm looking for a friend since I'm new in this place. I just hope that this blog can help me to get in touch with a new friends here in Holland.

Welcome in holland you have now new friend in Amsterdam ;)

Thank you so much...groningen is just far away from Amsterdam right?

Yup it's like one hour by train but you must do it

In bus I think it's 1 hour and 45 mins.

Hi kumusta sya nga pala saan ka sa Groningen? Madami akong friends dyan na pinay this coming week visit ko sila kong gusto mu give mu sken number para mag kita2 tau this week? Mga mababait sila mag enjoyed ka talaga pag kasama mu sila thanks wait ko reply mu.😉

Hello lynde bruin

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