DR Customs (and optician)

Anyone know anything about DR customs rates for imports?

Having signed up with EDS recently one now has the option of receiving items from the US.

But of course this could incur problems with customs and I believe import charges can be quite high for certain items?
Anyone know what the charges are for importing for example, electronic items like digital cameras, computer equipment, etc?

Regarding EPS Bob was right, they are a bit expensive, but very efficient service.

Through them managed to solve the problem of finding decent quality loose tea, which I was unable to find anywhere in DR, just the usual crappy teabags which is not the real thing.

If anyone is interested there is a company in US called teadog  -    www.teadog.com

They import a large variety of different loose teas from England and also other countries, Ireland. Scotland, Sri Lanka etc,  very comprehensive choices and excellent service.

Shipping charges are reasonable- to Florida from only $6.99 , but then of course EPS also charge to DR, so altogether not that cheap, but still a damn sight cheaper than having it shipped from England/Europe... And also of course a damn sight quicker.

Next quest finding Cheddar cheese- the real thing not the plastic crap sold in Playero, not resolved that one yet and shipping probably not possible considering climate and perishable considerations.... Still, decent tea is a start :-)

Also is there an optician in Sosua area or will I have to go to PP?

Anything under us 200 does not attracts duty or ITBIS.  Over that you will pay.  It depends on each item category what you will pay.

Thanks planner,
that $200 limit, is that per item or per package?

Say for example- if package contains a camera for $180 and a computer accessory for $40.... that would mean items are under 200, but total value is 220. would that attract charges?

Guess in that case each item would have to be mailed separate! ......which would be a bit of a pain

The price is per package BUT you also need to be careful about multiple packages.....for example you would not buy 5 cell phones and ship each one separately as that will possibly get taxed.  A camera and a computer accessory shipped separately would be fine.

Remember also that that $200 limit includes taxes paid when you purchase as well.  So if an item is $195 and the tax is $5.10 you will be over the $200 limit and will pay DR import taxes.  The receipt for the purchase must also be in the shipped package.

Bob K

So true, good point  Bob!!!!   IF you do not have a commercial receipt with the package then your courier company or mail handler will ask you for one so it can clear customs! IF you buy off Ebay you will need to keep the receipt handy so it can be sent  electronically to them!

OK thanks for all the good advice ...looks like Amazon.com will be a bit richer soon :-).. and before I forget happy new year to you all !

Happy New Year to you as well.

Good luck on the shopping.  I am waiting for a new BBQ that should be here in two weeks.

Bob K

Happy New year guys......wishing you all the best in 2015 Bob how does one order a BBQ and get it to DR? Did you order online and having a courier bring it? Or did you shop for it while here in the states and having it shipped with one of the shipping companies? Which would be cheaper and what would I expect to pay for something like that? Thanks.

For the BBQ I ordered it on line and had it shipped to my courier in Miami and it will be on a boat next week to be delivered here in two weeks.  Cost of shipping to Miami was free from the vendor and the cost for the courier that we use is 33% of the cost of the product and this includes import tax (it is over $200) and delivery to Sosua. The whole thing will cost me about $400 and the same ( or close to the same ) unit here is about $700.

Downside....I have to assemble it and that could be fun to watch :D:D:D

Bob K

Wow Bob that is a big savings! Well done, i have EPS, will need to do the same once down in the East coast later 2015 :cool:

You will find it much cheaper to ship with EncargoPac here in Sosua

Bob K

BBQ building party at Bob's.........

Mechanical engineers only please.  And bring the brats and beers  :D

Bob K

hell I am bringing the camera......

The ITBIS on items purchased online should not be charged if under $200?
I'm paying ITBIS on items brought in through EPS on everything.
Are there certain items  that might be charged even at lower value?
Dietary supplements for example? How about first class mail?

Under US 200 should not be paying ITBIS.  There is something very wrong. 1st class mail makes no difference.

So EPS is ripping us off. I suspected as much..

Jim use encargo Pac next to Fresh - Fresh.  Yes EPS should not be charging tax on under $200

The BBQ is on the boat and should be here late this week.  Fingers crossed.

Bob K

Bob I will be up there the last weekend of January!!!!   Hmmmmm do I smell BBQ?????

Let me know if you need any help assembling that puppy! LOL

Do you guys use Encargo for everything? Even Mail?

I use CPS,  similar prices, similar service.  No issues at all with them.