Relocating family to the DR

Hello all.  We are a family of 5 from Canada planning to move to the Dominican in the next year.  A couple of questions we have....
Husband would like to work for a Canadian company remotely from DR.  What are the tax implications of this. Does he pay Canadian income tax?
Schooling is an issue. Are there any private schools better than others. We have researched the international school of sosua.  Any thoughts on it?
Housing - any good areas you can recommend?  Real estate agents?  Would obviously lve to be on the ocean, but close proximity (walking distance) into town, school, beach with an oceanview is grand as well
Any other helpful hints or thoughts would be great.  We are planning to go down in November to start scouting and investigate the area.  We will be looking for a place to stay for a few weeks.  Our preference is to be close to where we will be settling down. Any ideas on rentals would be helpful as well. 
Thanks and hope to hear from you all soon.

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Thanks for the welcoming wishes.  We may be speeding up our move now.  We have family in the Bahamas that have mentioned we should look at renting.  Any good sites or contacts for long term rentals in Sosua or Cabarete.  Family trip planned for november may turn into a one way trip for us.  Anyone with any helpful hints for living in the area, your input is greatly appreciated

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You can try to post an advert in the housing in Dominican Republic section. It could help.

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