how to make money in Cambodia

Really depends on your term of making money..

Do you want to have a small biz to keep yourself occupied? Since most expats are in cambodia to enjoy a slower and more relaxed pace of life.

Or do you really wanna strike it rich? Don't we all??

To be occupied certainly the most important... then be able to live on it ! that good enough...!

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regarding to your comment about 51 % Khmer / 49 % ! interesting ! i know someone how could twist in a nice way to avoid that fact by contracting a Khmer layer who live abroad of 2 % of the titlte then he got 49 and his Khmer wife 49... :)

Cheers !

Hi !

Can you iell me what UN stands for and how to contact them ?

Yours, Bo.

what is Ur propose to make money in a country where everybody fight for money ! i don t understand get more clear !!! that s not going to save U from ur own poverty or U bring more that s ok ~~

So this guy trust a khmer lawyer abroad for the 2% and doesn't trust his own wife enough to get those ?
Funny. .. :lol::lol::lol:
If he has a khmer wife, why not 49% for him and 51 for her?

sigmoon wrote:

regarding to your comment about 51 % Khmer / 49 % ! interesting ! i know someone how could twist in a nice way to avoid that fact by contracting a Khmer layer who live abroad of 2 % of the titlte then he got 49 and his Khmer wife 49... :)

Cheers !

I may be wrong but. .. if everybody is fighting for money, it's because most of them want easy money... or sometimes, they don't have that cash they need for boosting their own projects.
Cambodia is a developing country.  So many opportunities. Just have to find them.

sigmoon wrote:

what is Ur propose to make money in a country where everybody fight for money ! i don t understand get more clear !!! that s not going to save U from ur own poverty or U bring more that s ok ~~


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Agreed, I walk about PP today and there were many new Porsches Audis on the road.

i wonder


UN stands for United Nations.and you can to tact them by phone in Cambodia at 855-23-216-167 or by email at [email protected]


I agree with you 100%. There are many ways to make money in Cambodia if you study and look. Why someone is coming from a developed country to an underdeveloped country to make a lot of money is beyond me? If you couldn't set yourself up at home before coming than you probably don't have the ability to do it here either. I have met many expats throughout Cambodia and I must say the majority of them run or want to run either a guesthouse, bar, or restaurant. There is nothing wrong with those businesses but in my mind the real opportunities are in manufacturing and exports. The great thing about Cambodia for me is that the wages are so low that I will have no problem offering to pay three times the average daily wage which is $1.50 it doesn't have an enormous  effect on my profit margin and  I'm trying to help build this country up not exploit the easily exploited.

Hi Mr Goh, I m from Malaysia too. May I know what kind of plantation you are doing in Cambodia ?
How much is the cost of 1 hectre of land (average), I understand it must have a local partner sharing 51%.
I hope to hear from you. Thank you in advance.
Peter Shak (Chinese)

mikesmedina wrote:


the average daily wage which is $1.50.

Just FYI, if you are running a legitimate business operation, there is a minimum wage that must be paid to employees. That rate depends on the industry of your business. For example, the minimum wage for the Garment and Shoe industry, for a regular full-time employee is $75USD + $5 cost of living allowance.

My wife and I are thinking really hard about moving to Batambong Cambodia.  She is on the fence about it, and I want to move more than anything.  I want to get out of the rat race so bad here.  Everyone tells me how quiet Batambong is, but it doesn't seem that way when I visit.  We already have a place to stay with my wife's parents, so that would be one less expence, I just don't know if we'd be able to use the skills we have in Cambodia.  I've worked in IT for over 10 years, have a BS degree in computer science, and have a wedding photography business that I only work on the weekends.  Could I make it as a photographer in Cambodia?  I plan on learning the language 1st thing if I move.  My wife is cambodian and fluent, and has a BS degree in accounting.  I feel like I'm working myself to death here in the states and getting no where.  I just want to live a life a little more laid back.  Any suggestions?  Others suggested we should move there for a while and see how that goes, but that's just something I can't do.  I can't afford a mortgage and car payments here while living abroad.   I'm looking for pretty much any tips you can give a westerner wanting to leave it all behind.


If you read my post carefully you will see that I wrote that I have no problem paying 3 times $1.50 in fact i am paying $5.00 as a base pay plus incentives medical and  tuition for their children. Unlike most of the people I've met in Cambodia I am not worried about making a lot of money that's why I left the USA in the first place as I am done chasing the almighty dollar. I'm more concerned with building schools, digging wells, making micro loans, and of course buying my way to heaven which is much cheaper to do in Cambodia than the states:  )

We are a Melbourne based lifestyle business and international marketing group looking to set up a new health and nutrition division in Cambodia.

We are looking for 5 key Health & Nutrition Consultants, who will lead the expansion of our new division.

Candidates must possess the following:

- Be highly goal driven
- Passionate about health and nutrition
- Excellent leadership skills
- Good people management skills
- Keen to help others in the areas of their health and well-being
- Ability to work autonomously but also lead and be part of a team
- Be enthusiastic and show initiative
- Have the ability to learn new skills and be trained

No special qualifications are required. However, experience and/or qualifications in the areas of health, nutrition and fitness could be advantageous.

Be part of the industry of the 21st century. The health and nutrition industry is promoting HEALTHY ACTIVE LIFESTYLE.

All training will be provided.

There is opportunity to travel and earn fantastic money with the view of helping people achieve their health goals.

Contact Sarah at [email protected]

Real estate is the best way to make $$ here
but it is alot to invest!

Am interested in your post as I hope to be moving to Siem Reap within a few months from Australia.
I have been thinking of buying a little land, to build a modest house and perhaps enough land to grow
vegies either for myself and friends, and/or to sell to locals.

I have spent many years working with children in various schools as a Teachers Aide.  I have just
finished a TEFL course so will also be looking for work teaching in Siem Reap (after I have finished volunteering, which I have already organised).

What are the best ways to purchase the land??
Many thanks,

I am olivier i own 2 real estate agencies, and i am personally invest in the local life of my industry as member of the director board of the CVEA assoc ( CAMBODIAN VALUERS AND ESTATE AGENTS ASSOCIATION), i start to work in CAMBODIA since 2006, but open my own company in 2011.

i am happy to help ( when i say help is not selling or trying to rent anything ) just sharing some ideas.

First off all Cambodia is still very poor country, the poorest in Asia as continent.
The country needs urgently qualified people, who can adapt to low salary, or able to set up their own business and getting along with a very different culture ( for westerners ), who like to share their knowledge, and patient and relax on a daily basis.

Theirs is no middle class market yet, the average salary local is 90-120 US dollars month, for a first level of qualification job, waiter, waitress, construction / factories workers, to 500 US dollars for a bank little branch manager with high eduction level. that's the Local market ( means jobs open to the Cambodians today ) very few expats can competing for those jobs.

Then you have the regional market, the ASIAN MARKET, sales and marketing, HR, Top Management administrative employees of big companies,many jobs are requested.

if the company is CAMBODIAN owned, then you can expect high salaries, their quiet generous if your have strong CV and very easy to deal person, and of course hard-worker, and ready to sometimes to take 4 -5 positions not in terms of working hours but in terms of skills, if your able to train people and make things happen by your own, no need here to be specialist in 5 jobs, but just ready to help the best you can, occasionally, in a field of business you might not be hired for, just be ready and doing things. A very good friend after 3 years expatriation for international firm was hired 10 000 USD month at the age of 26 years old, to manage an ad agency of 35 people,  he stayed 5 years at this position. He was quiet an ALIEN in is job and very talented and strong manager.
If the company is Foreign owned, then everything is open to discussion, but not forget than until the new era we are living, ( before Cambodia was seen as far-east-manners new land, refuge and last chance for expats who failed everywhere else, or worst for people looking to avoid the laws or other punishments, looking to hide themselves.
Times changes, as manager of real esate agency i see everyday expats coming, they are young couple, retired nice people and still adventurous, foreign investors, businessmen tired by the limitation of regulations actually strong in THAILAND, VIETNAM, LAO, i would day the normal profiles for an emerging country.
A job candidate  between 25 - 38 years old can make a very good move setting himself  in CAMBODIA now
With salaries starting from 1200.00 US dollars to 2500.00 US  dollars for beginners in big companies, they will also get a chance to reach responsibilities they could never expect in their country of origin.

CAMBODIA is definitely open to foreigners, a free country. Its the ONLY ASIAN COUNTRY where in some field of activities you dont need a local partner to create your company ( cost between 200.00 ( TWO HUNDRED) , for small businesses, 1500 US dollars and  5000.00 ( FIVE THOUSANDS ) US dollars for a company with shareholders, depending the law firm and your projects)

you are baker ? jeweler ? salesman ? cook ? you can set up your own business under your own name, business VISA cost under 600.00 SIX HUNDRED us dollars for one year.
Taxes  = VAT 10 %
TAX ON PROFIT  = 1% of the annual turnover for companies.
INDIVIDUALS ARE NOT TAXED DIRECTLY, but costs 5% of their monthly salary to the employer, no social security, or social help here.

You can withdraw your non taxed money from ATM's...

The Official currency is the US Dollar, means you can open a bank account in the currency of your choice. Going for the uncle sam money or the KHMER RIEL, your totally free of your bank transaction, you can transfer in and out without any limitation. ( it have a cost yes 0.01 to 0.03% when moneys comes in, percent of the transferred incoming amount , to send money without any question it will cost  5 to 50 USD depending again of the bank fees, Chinese banks are the cheapest ones)

Everyday you will pay,carry, withdraw green us notes.
And if your worried about the health of the dollar currency, you still can change your saving in RIELS stable money, 
1 USD = 4000 RIELS

Like anywhere in the world if your good in your job, then welcome to Cambodia.
There is no good bad businesses ideas only people abilities.
If your talented experienced cook, you know how to manage people, money, you can be very successful without spending a lot.
Don't target the best location,and expensive too,  just open where you money allows you to do it without risks and the clients will follow i have good examples.

If you over-qualified and you have no idea about what to do ? the best is taking 3 months working as volunteer and see if you can adapt to the country way of living-working.

Its the only way to face the realty of the country, and to build yourself  your own idea about where to go, what to do.

It might cost you a couple of thousands dollars, but looking closer its certainly more safe than investing right away hundreds of thousands US dollars in a business you don't know anything about ( that what most of the people do actually ).

For westerners investors, Buying to rent,  is a middle term target, is still a very profitable choice, they can get over 18% ROI within 4 years.
Investors can reach higher profit Buying old apartment, renovating, renting and selling.  winning all steps.

ASIANS investors or expats from neighbors countries will buy estate to leave in, or renting longterm,
buying CONDOMINIUM apartments , the safest and still very profitable money placement. ( 10% -11%), some banks loans up to 70% of their estate purchase  to foreign investors  8-9% in terms of interests rates, quiet high.

Foreigners are not allowed to buy land, international laws firms or local lawyers offer their services to edit documents able to protect foreigners who still wish to buy a land especially for businesses purposes.

My opinion is than those foreigners  are actually not really in danger but unfairly more protected than locals. Just my opinion.

cf : world economic forum :

These year the country GDP grows up to 7% leaded by the tourism and the construction industry.

Hope it helps
Nice to meet you all here

Hello Olivier,
Have we met in the past 7 months?  At your office at Le Raffles Hotel?
Re: A R.E. Trainee position? If so, Greetings and thanks for the wonderful Cultural tips.



I am Looking for experienced agriculture farming person for joint research and venture on my river side land in kampot city. The land is about 20,000sm, 2km from kampot old bridge. Ideally,  the farming can  be started from low capital and low risk. The target market will be for local and export.

Hi avamass,

Welcome to :)

It would be best if you could post an advert in the section business partners classifieds in Cambodia which is most appropriate for your search.

Thank you,

Hasnaa Team

What are you planning on planting? I'm interested in hearing what your short and long term goals are. By my reckoning you have close to 5 acres which is a sizable plot to cultivate

Thank you all for the  great Tips.
My Partner got a posting to Phnom Penh, and I am going with him, these tips made me feel better about continuing my career path, and not be in limbo for the next three years.
Can't wait for the big move in few days.

Hello Nick,
Where is your $200 Condo located? It sounds like you got a real prize!
Is there a R.E. Agency you can recommend?


I want to start a business in combodia , intrested in guest house,supermarket, agriculture , can any one give me an idea on this ,

HI are you in cambodia Now, i would like to   move to combodia, i am a seasoned management professional also has got business interest in this country.. it will be great if you could give some guidance on how to do a Jib/Business and on the opportunities available in that country for an expat..

Hi, I'm Vichet. I am so please to be the member of expat.

Hi, SAI, I'm Vichet and Cambodian. Nowadays, I am working for an NGO but my real purpose is to be a businessman. After I read your message, I am so interested about your ideas and I'm please to help you.


I am EV SOVANNDARA .I happy so much . I want to earn money more to support family life.

Hey, I've been thinking about moving to Cambodia along time now, but just cant seem to find the business or line of work.

I can speak, read and write Khmer.

Any good ideas would be greatly appreciate.



Hi DannyBun.
Welcome to Expat-Blog.  :D
I know that there is a big need of good mechanics (motos and cars).
Here, they are really not good.
I think that you won't find any garage with a guy with a proper diploma.  I don't even know if there is a school for that in Cambodia.
But I know that it's not your field of expertise.

There isn't the one business that is a sure fire way to make money but what would be the right business for you based on your situation? What do you love doing? How much capital can you invest? What looks suitable and practical for the long run? What is already in over-supply? What is needed? What is on the down-cycle (certainly internet cafes with wifi available everywhere now but they can have a second life as gaming centers). What is on the up-swing? Repair service for iphones and tablets, perhaps (but only in a bigger city)?

For many foreigners, it will have to be targeting the foreign market by default. For many locals, it might be mixed, depending how many foreigners and tourists there are where you live. It's all about finding your niche.

Dear Tamari,
That would be great if we can meet and talk about our interest in business further. I just came back from USA but I was born in Cambodia. So I know some good people there.
I would love to talk with you further about the opportunity.

hey mate email me at [email protected] about your experience . what business are you doing cambodia? would like to meet you once.

If you really want to find a teaching job, and if you already hold ESL certificate and experiences, the right place for you to seek the teaching offer, I think you might visit IDP/ACE office. They have 3 offices; two in Phnom Penh, and another one is Siem Reap.

However, I think another business that looks so commercially viable is establishing primary-kindergarten school where you offer English teaching program for kids... Even though you could see many such schools are operating, but there are more opportunities and demands... If you want, we can talk about that. I'm also considering about this Opp when I'm back.

No business at present. Just absorbing the local economics. Are you looking to partner?

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