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Hi I'm new to the and at the moment still finishing of ny degree but want to get some information about moving to nha trang from Australia!  But been searching about visas to move to vietnam as I will have to look for jobs during a  visitor visa. If anyone have good information about visas and moving there and how long we can stay in Vietnam for.


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So as to better understand the type of visas for Vietnam, I invite you to read our section Visas for Vietnam.

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Hi thank you for your info. I have had a look at the visa section but was wanting to know if I go onto a tourist visa and search for a job within that 3 month of stay on the tourist visa can I change my visa to a business visa if i successfully find a job? As I am planning on staying for at least 2-3 years in vietnam.

Get a job and the school will take you through the paperwork as you will need a work contract to get the work visa.  Be sure to have all the needed docuemnts from home stamped/authenticated as needed before you arrive in VN.  It makes the process easier.

Thank-you for that! Would you be able to list what sort of documents that is important and necessary for the job paperwork?

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