Best Cable Service in Saigon

Can anyone out there recommend the best Cable TV service in Saigon? I would like to have good educational stations like Discovery and Nat Geo... but also I would like to know if any service here carry Sky Sports or at least Fox Sports.
And of course, the usual selection of movie channels... HBO, Star and so on...

Thanks guys

Hi Canuck, SCTV is quite good, it has both domestic and international channels. Please click on the link for more details

Hope this helps! :)

On most parts of the city your service is constrained by geography. Only a few areas have more than one provider.

SCTV, owned by the Peoples Committee of HCM through SaiGon Tourist, tend to censor things more than other providers. They are regularly blanking Nat Geo for some reason.

And SCTV has crap reception on Discovery, for many weeks now, as their antenna 'farm' in District 3 (Ha Bai Trung near Vo Thi Sau) is getting surrounded by higher buildings. There accounting is useless - they even billed me for cable TV at my new building - and we don`t even have a cable feed (they actually did install one during construction without permission but I hacked it off).

Your best option is to get a satellite dish (look around NGUYEN THI MINH KHAI by the TV station in Quan 1), stick it on your balcony roof (if it is on the south facing side). They can supply decoder cards for non-VN satellites, too. HCM is in the Cambodian satellite TV `footprint`.

Ir you can stream on a decent InterNet connection (

Nat Geo and Discovery seem to be garbage - cars, fishing, gold and living like cavemen.

Thanks... I'll check them out...

Hi Jaitch... Thanks for the great info... I do agree that the censorship issue is quite annoying here and seems to be getting worse, but I really don't think you can ever get away from it... As for satellite, I live in a small apartment not far from the airport, and my balcony is extremely small... so I'm not too sure that's a viable solution. I have also heard from a few friends of friends who had their dishes confiscated because they were not Licensed... They said I need to be able to hide it from street view because of local 'patrols' going around checking for illegal dishes. Not really sure if that's 100% true, but that's what I've heard...

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