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i planning to buy few electronics product from .recently i came to know that there wont be any tax for importing us because of some treaty signed between two countries..will it be applicable to it ??!!  :/

dear sony sivan,

taxes would be calculated (if applicable) or amazon would inform you about it, but as far as i know there are no special taxes (i have not bought anything in bulk) but be aware of the delay in shipment which could happen because of Bahrain customs if your using the normal standard shopping (took me over a month and half to receive a Router from Hongkong + i have lost some small shipment (camera charger)). Shop and Ship is the best option i believe.

good luck!


For personal usage , I don't think you will be subjective to taxes :)

I would strongly recommend using Shop & Ship or Globalshop (for AMEX Cardmembers) if you are planning to buy from Amazon. I have ordered tens of products from Amazon before and all has been delivered without any problem.

Hi Guys,

Tried looking for answers on the internet and the forum couldn't find would be great if someone can assist. I would like to order few items online mostly clothes maybe from Next in UK, is there any custom duty on it? the total value shall be far less than BD 250 threshold.


1) Don't post on multiple threads
2) There is no duty for the value you described - that is also listed on Bahrain customs site … ZHTTk%253D

And in the future, to check duties, go to Bahrain customs site, put the HS code of the item to get the details - HS codes are declared by the shipper and easily available on internet: … RXYzlQUT09

Thanks for the links. I have already seen both the websites. It doesn't specify clothes as zero duty items. Need to know first hand experience.

I am telling you from first hand experience that I have not had to pay duty on clothes which were less than 250 BD.

But not all clothes types are the same - that is why you need HS codes to check that.

For example, for a certain type of clothes, here it what is says - basically, there is a duty rate on some items and none on others.

HSCode    Description    Duty Rate %    Procedure IM    Restricted IM    Prohibited IM    Procedure EX    Restricted EX    Prohibited EX
"Garments, made up of fabrics of heading 56.02, 56.03, 59.03, 59.06 or 59.07. "
- Of fabrics of heading 56.02 or 56.03 :
- - - Disposable garments and suits of polypropylene whether or not sterilized for operation theatres
- - - Other
"- Other garments, of the type described in subheadings 62 01 11 to 62 01 19 "
"- Other garments, of the type described in subheadings 62 02 11 to 62 02 19 "
- Other men`s or boys` garments
- Other women`s or girls` garments

Great i will ask the vendor for exact HS code. Thanks (: have a good evening

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